Learning network promotion is the first thing to enhance the micro blog audience

a network promotion forum to recruit apprentices, a lot of novice to learn, one of the tasks is a few days in the audience to thousands of micro-blog. The disciples are highly motivated to use various methods to improve the audience, and finally in their blog to write articles, and then contribute to the class.

a few days ago to see the contribution of a student article, he is the fastest among the group of students the best, the first broke the 2000 audience, probably only less than 2 days time. This data is really terrible, I can add 10 people every day, micro-blog has been very proud of it, he will be a day of the 1000, if I sleep will wake up ah!

looked at the article, the use of the method described in more detail. Take the account name of the girl, for the girl’s head, open Liu Xiang Tencent micro-blog, listen to those who just opened a micro-blog key to listen to the new micro-blog Liu Xiang, and then cancel the tune. The reason is very simple, just to apply for a new micro-blog Tencent, will automatically recommend a large number of celebrities to listen to a key, Liu Xiang’s audience has about 12000000, estimated that a large part of the fans are like that. You listen to these new players, because they do not understand, a look at the beauty of them, so a large proportion will listen to you. Then after a period of time, to cancel their listening, they don’t know you are a novice, to cancel listening, so you made a pile of fans.


first said that this will not be the title of Tencent will cheat, but we have so many micro-blog novice listeners have what use?


I estimate the network promotion, no one does not want to make money. Now there are advertisers, according to the number of listeners to advertise, the more listeners, the higher the price. The only thing I think is useful to cheat advertisers to make some advertisement.


"if you have a micro-blog audience of over 100 people, you are like a magazine; if more than 1000, then you are a bulletin board; more than 10000, you are just like a regular magazine; more than 100 thousand, is a metropolis daily; more than 1 million, that is the people’s daily; more than 10 million, then you are on TV Taiwan; more than 100 million, then you are CCTV." I don’t know who said it first, but he does. But there is also a premise that these listeners are alive, rather than zombie listeners. If it’s a zombie audience, it’s not worth a penny. If you listen to the novice micro-blog is only interested in, not to second times, I estimate that the impact is not much, look at the number of broadcast will know.


I believe that now do micro-blog audience, the vast majority of people are directed at the network marketing. Otherwise, the mall will not always be the official micro-blog always do activities, listen to his micro-blog will have the opportunity to draw what. In fact, the audience also has drawbacks, because he does not necessarily become a consumer of your mall, it may be directed at prizes, or he may be to you

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