Combined with the work of the past few years the network brand marketing of those things

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Witkey ah D, graduated in just a few years time, conversion rolling a few jobs, found that most companies for copywriting and marketing understanding deviation. Some companies will be the effect of network marketing too lightly, think network marketing is a "not reliable" things; also some companies believe that network marketing is very magical, all of the company’s focus on network marketing, while ignoring the construction of brand and product quality.

talk about my understanding of the network marketing and copywriter planning work

In my opinion,

is suitable for almost all enterprises. For start-up companies, can start their own brands and products through the network marketing, to get more business opportunities for themselves; for mature companies, should do network marketing work, not only can lay a good foundation for the further expansion of the company, can add to the brand benefit. Of course, in my opinion, the core of all marketing efforts or product quality (mainly for long-term development of the company’s business).

come to talk about copywriting work, many companies are planning to write text is man-made, fetch and carry things. Of course, there are a lot of companies pay attention to copy planning, in this area of the foot and effort. Copywriting work is not simply write, should be more behind the product market understanding, consumer behavior, market research network and so on, these are the most comprehensive enterprise. Copy planning in the development of a series of programs, we must have a general understanding of the entire enterprise and industry, with a combination of macro awareness of micro regulation, far less than we imagine so simple.

let’s talk about what we’re doing,


at this stage, our main work is still planning aspects of the document, combined with network marketing, to help enterprises do a better job of brand marketing. We mainly write soft, press release writing, brand story, promotional copy, all kinds of copy design and writing.

in fact, our work can be summed up in a few simple words, but in fact it is doing something across the professional knowledge of all walks of life. Soft writing, mainly in order to help improve the conversion rate of product marketing. Press release marketing, I think it is very helpful in terms of brand image. Brand story, corporate culture, promotional copy of these, for the importance of the enterprise is not I need to explain.

then we talk about the network brand marketing it!

in today’s highly developed commercial society, we have a very thorough understanding of the concept of the brand, brand marketing has been applied to the size of enterprises. The network brand marketing is a branch of brand marketing, to help enhance the brand image, and better promote the sale of products.

to carry out the network brand marketing, each enterprise should do. The Internet is a huge piece of cake that everyone can get

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