Apple redefined the script to make your people speak more beautiful

do you have any idea about Apple’s copy or whether Apple’s copy has any effect on you?. This article would like to explain some of Apple’s copy of the cognitive, not black not hold, from three dimensions to see the apple copy to the author of the article, perhaps useful to you, may be useless!

from work, the apple as one of the copywriter.

it not only defines the aesthetic standards of contemporary industrial design, but for me, it is more meaningful to define the propaganda of industrial products at the same time.

here to write the content, on behalf of our understanding of Apple’s copy, not black does not hold, I will take you from the following three dimensions to know what Apple copywriting taught me.


ecological context of self transcendence

overview of the first generation iPhone so far, those known as the copy, find a special obvious characteristics, the world’s top technology companies, given the product through copy the personification of the sense of life.

this sense of life is a continuation and transcendence. From the 2007 "Apple redefined the mobile phone, to say" again after 3 years to change the world, for users, they use the same is a mobile phone, the mobile phone is becoming more and more outstanding, is a rising level of cognitive aesthetics, in the design of hardware and experience on mobile phone.


The first generation iPhone

(2007): Apple redefined the mobile phone

"Apple reinvents phone the"


iPhone3G (2008): you’ve been expecting

"The iPhone have been waiting for"



iPhone4 (2010): change the world again

"This changes Again everything."


iPhone5 (2012): by far the largest

The biggest to to iPhone since iPhone "

" thing "happen"


iPhone6/6 Plus (2014): more than

"Bigger than bigg>

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