WeChat marketing tips to make money

first truth

congratulations, if you’re in the middle of learning the secret of making money, you’ll be fooled. There is no secret, the only secret is to learn to satisfy people’s desire. You do not get angry, do not be angry, calm down to read the contents of the back, I think you must harvest.

do you often recall will be attracted to the title of the party, if you are a marketing person ever used this money to attract your consumers or fans to participate in activities, attract their attention and forwarding. Maybe they have also like you found when angry left after being cheated (you’re different, with their role so you continue to read my article), and some will swear never to buy your products or service, of course, they generally do not directly tell you.

then the sales of enterprises, what would be the result? The number of participants, forwarding, exposure or attention a lot, you find no transformation, no deal, why? Because many of them are not your target users, even potential targets are not attracted to you, they just come through a passer-by skill. For example, you use Apple launched a mobile phone to do the prize activities, found fans coming up a lot, forward go up, and other prizes after the crazy fans, you stop to stop, because they care about is the apple mobile phone instead of you, they don’t even know what you are, he just if you care about winning. Once the final prizes issued, fans ran into not, the enterprise seems to rencailiangkong. And it all comes from the beginning of your reasonable deception.

marketing truth: a person teaches marketing skills, but no one taught marketing experience and moral, good marketing must be true under the premise to meet the needs of users, so that they are willing to accept your information without regret, is not to cheat and use unscrupulous divisive tactics to reach the goal of. Just remember: marketing is to help enterprises to call and soliciting, product and service is fundamental to retain users.

second truth

often told me that three life teacher, our family is doing XXXX, WeChat now do not know exactly what to do, spend a lot of money in class or at a loss. It had heard what he said I would be worried about him, what happened? But not now, I often asked, why do you want to do WeChat marketing, you are a public platform or circle of friends, you want to solve what problem, what WeChat can you help? Even ask you. It is not good business really is the marketing problem, whether it is in other parts of the enterprise problems? Tend to think carefully and answer my question his people finally solved the problem.

many companies believe that the sale of health care products to eat as much as possible, in fact, even if you need to be clear about the purpose, direction and demands. I remember a sentence is to make clear the direction, at least can let the enterprise do not make mistakes, don’t understand just slowly. The wrong direction to save the enterprise marketing.

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