Guo Guangchang you can’t copy about Fosun Ma Ma Huateng but can copy


Guo Guangchang believes that Ma Huateng is the greatest, as a IT man, he allows the existence of some kind of internal conflict. WeChat is not his mainstream to do, is his non mainstream, some children do. If there is no WeChat, it is really dangerous, and finally with WeChat, so that others are dangerous.

to do business for so many years, the most important thing is to listen to what others say, especially in the process of learning to discuss with others. Recently, I recall that this 20 years, with the Chinese business community exchanges, learned a lot of things, including a deep impression of the three.

Guo Guangchang VS: diversity and specialization

the first big discussion, with Wang Shi specialization and diversification of the dispute. Of course, this is the past tense, and now also includes Vanke investment bank.

I think multi industry operations, not necessarily unprofessional. At that time also run at Wang Shi, said I will go to please a little Wang Shi, to take care of my estate.

then there is a saying is concentric diversification, only now do this line to do a good job, and then do something else, it is possible to do a good job. I think it is wrong, you really do a very strong industry, with the inherent concept, it will hinder your investment in other industries.

of course, this discussion is very important to me. Fosun in the process, have realized that an enterprise multi industry operation, actually you are already doing the investment, has become an investment group.

Fosun should go to learn, how to become a good investment group. What is the most important. One is the source of funding is not cheap enough, the source of talent, the sensitivity of the project. Energy allocation is also very important. If your core team is still stuck in the operation of an industry, easy to forget the most important work.

so I said Fosun future is very clear, is a financial investment group as the core, a wheel is based on financial group insurance as the core, the other wheel has a profound industrial foundation, rooted in the Chinese global investment group.


professional or multivariate, almost an eternal topic in the business world. Guo Guangchang of this sort, there is a very interesting background. A few days ago, a financial theme activities, he and Wang Shi memories of the past. Pharaoh said, it now appears that enterprise layout is ultimately a financial problem, Guangchang is indeed a school of philosophy, superior in stratagem.

Hu Baosen also had a moderate evaluation of this argument: specialization in the context of global division of labor is the mainstream. You do not look at Guangchang to engage in pluralism, but his professional ability is to invest.

to the status Wang Shi these years, this period of Guo compliment, will naturally make the latter point like drink sweetness. Wang Shi’s strategic vision has always been praised

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