Summer more than half of the network to find a part time job experience

summer has been more than half, less than a month to the school, we went to see the school forum today, found that many students say it is difficult to find a part-time network, some even now even haven’t found a part-time job. I have done a total of 6 jobs from July to the present, with a total income of about $3500, the current long-term job has a share of 3. Write a little experience, through my part-time experience, hoping to help those who want to find a part-time job.

1, a

we all know, a part-time job, find information from the Internet, to determine the final call, the interview is the need for a period of time, from the school so I haven’t put it at the beginning of summer vacation, some large web, such as and Shanghai part-time nets qianchengwuyou released the job information, at the same time also, browse some recruitment information, find the appropriate join favorites, a free telephone contact with recruiters, then what’s the interview. The first part of my summer vacation started in June 28th: teach Shanghai to a korean. 3 times a week, each time 60 yuan. At that time our school holidays only less than a week, when many people have no direction, I have started to make money, this is a good amount in advance, others are just beginning to find a part-time job, I have a part-time job in the starting line.

so-called part-time, that is, at work, there will be free time, these can not be wasted time. Can continue to look for second part-time jobs on the network, so that not only save time, but also can have an early amount.

2, word of mouth effect

is now a lot of fame, do not necessarily need to rely on advertising to promote, word of mouth is also a good way of propaganda. For example, the Korean I mentioned earlier, I taught him more than 2 weeks. He has been able to say some of the commonly used Shanghai dialect, although there will be some accents, but much better than before. Everyone in the teaching process, like a friend, he would say simple Mandarin, so there is no problem communicating. Even now that his employment relationship is over, he has some questions or questions about pronunciation, or he will call me and I will be patient. Once he called and told me that he had a friend who wanted to study in Shanghai…… In this way, he has helped me to introduce 2 foreign students. Because he told them that I teach very well, and have patience, so I believe that as long as his friends want to learn Shanghai, he will recommend me, this is the word of mouth effect.


anti cheat trick

had to admit that at present, no matter what a large part of the site, it is inevitable that there are some crooks information. We should learn to distinguish, so as not to be fooled. I like to share my fangpian experience:

first of all, to go to a number of large sites, such as Shanghai part-time

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