The world’s largest luxury electricity supplier quarterly Chinese market revenue rose 15 9%

it seems that you can buy more luxury goods on Net-a-porter.

yesterday, the world’s largest luxury electricity supplier Yoox Net-a-porter (hereinafter referred to as YNAP) released the first quarter of fiscal year 2016 earnings.

in the first quarter, YNAP sales rose 13.8% to $446 million. Last year, sales are expected to be 392 million euros. Yoox and Net-a-porter formally completed the merger in October last year, the expected figure is based on the historical data of two companies to make inferences.

at the analyst conference call, YNAP CFO Enrico Cavatorta shared some of the group’s latest business progress. YNAP and Isabel Marant signed a 5 year global cooperation agreement, which began to take effect from 2017. YNAP has also updated Valentino’s global collaboration, including maintaining Valentino and its sub brand Red Valentino electricity supplier flagship store, an increase of 5 years of cooperation until February 2021.

at the same time, YNAP also updated the cooperation agreement with, the cooperation period increased by 10 years, until December 31, 2015. In addition, the group will also cooperate with Armani group in 1991 to set up a subsidiary A/X Armani Exchange cooperation, after which the brand’s sales channels in the United States and canada. YNAP is responsible for the luxury brand Giorgio Armani and Lanvin and other 40 brands design, build, manage their flagship store electricity supplier. The first quarter of fiscal year 2016, this part of the business revenue accounted for 10.4% of the group’s total revenue.



in September this year, YNAP’s Ink is responsible for the discount business The Outnet free brand Iris & will also be sold on the Yoox.

Enrico Cavatorta evaluation: the group in the first quarter of fiscal year second in the first quarter of 2016 is better than the performance of the first quarter."

it is worth mentioning that, YNAP in key markets are doing well. Sales in the Asia Pacific market increased by 15.7%, sales in the Chinese market increased by 15.9%. Considering the situation of our fashion business before investigation (see at the end of this paper extends about ASOS reading). "

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