Wanda electricity supplier is intended to make a big cake under the line do not grab the business w

Wanda electricity supplier to do the original intention may not be with Taobao, Jingdong and other electricity supplier companies to compete for the cake, and more likely to be the integration of resources to achieve their own line of cake business bigger. As in the world of Internet Conference, Ma’s speech mentioned, after a few years, may not have the concept of electronic commerce, because there is no clear dividing line between what is and what is not the electricity supplier, electricity supplier.

Wanda Commercial real estate listed soon, Wang Jianlin’s throne will likely thus recovered. For Wanda Group, commercial real estate may represent the success of the past, and the future development needs new impetus. For the Internet industry, people are more concerned about Wanda electricity supplier. So, what role in the electricity supplier Wanda Wanda Group within the next step? What direction? East may wish to read:


: Wanda electricity supplier "carriage" and "glue"

not long ago, in the 100th Wanda Plaza opening ceremony, Wang Jianlin said in an interview with the media: Wanda culture, electricity providers, tourism and other three industries will become the development of Wanda’s new coach three". From Wang Jianlin’s words, we can see that he has high hopes for Wanda electricity supplier, I hope the electricity supplier can become one of the three major growth points in the future business. Especially in August of this year, Wanda electricity supplier is a strategic cooperation with Baidu, Tencent and other two giants of the Internet, but also to let people on the next Wanda electricity supplier will be how to look forward to action.

on the other hand, Wanda Group as a leader in the field of commercial real estate industry and benchmarking. The impact of the traditional industry in the Internet as well as from the national policy to encourage support, Wanda Group is gradually from the beginning of the "world’s largest commercial real estate" to "consumer culture and entertainment platform provider" transformation of the road. And in the process of transformation, living consumption and cultural entertainment as Wanda focus direction, and electronic business platform in which play a very critical role.

and set for Wanda such a commercial resources collection of catering, entertainment, shopping and other rich offline, at present only through the construction of Internet business platform to have the ability to integrate these lines in all major industries. Therefore, in the process of transformation of Wanda electricity supplier Wanda Group, will play a more and more integration of Wanda’s commercial real estate, culture and tourism resources within the "glue" effect.

Wanda electricity supplier three stride


Wanda electricity supplier "role" has been determined, then the next question is how to play this role? East building that Wanda electricity supplier can through the following three steps to complete the integration of internal resources, to achieve the best interpretation of their role.

first, Wanda electricity supplier will need to include tourism, culture, hotels, department stores and other industries under the smooth transition of the user line members. This Wanda electricity supplier will be able to provide a unified membership system, and in the latter part of the management and marketing of members, so that the linkage between the various industries Wanda

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