The search in the vending machine the greater significance in payment

"free drink?" so good to hear, Viagra not hesitate to download soso Wyatt client, after successful registration, by 25 in currency exchange gift of a bottle of cola, I completed the first in the vending machine on the O2O experience, the feeling is not wrong, at least not to find a coin.

recently, the topic of vending machines and mobile payment is very hot topic. Little attention will find that since August, in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Wuhan and other places of the subway, light rail, super shopping, there are many body sharply marked "nouveau riche came in currency exchange free drinks" Youbao vending machine. Not just Youbao, following Youbao friends, Li Hui also joined in the virtual currency O2O payment boom, virtual currency transactions based on the O2O pattern was detonated.

free drinking activities to guide users familiar with virtual payment


participates in the activities of free drinks in search, you will find that the user really feel the online virtual currency payment and convenient experience. The search will be digital currency and wallet together, realize the offline payment into the online payment: on the one hand, users don’t have to worry about when there is no change not to buy things in the vending machine, now you can easily search through currency consumption; on the other hand, the virtual currency of Online payment users of consumer information returned directly to the O2O business, reduce the check process of offline and online consumer information. For businesses, through online real-time information docking, can be more timely to form a precise grasp of consumer behavior, and then develop personalized marketing strategy.

in search of virtual currency acquisition mainly comes from the incentive mechanism of user behavior. For users, the third generation of search in the search, in soso Wyatt and platform for news comment and share published original articles, can obtain different amount of reward, and integral and in search of virtual currency directly linked.

online virtual currency payment line entities, in the field of online payment habits do not need to guide and change consumer spending habits, this task is very difficult. The search can enter the field, that has been considered for a long time, at the same time, the innovation in the field of mobile payment are also worth exploring and thinking.

search in O2O mode virtual payment

mobile payment development has diversity, from cash to Alipay, WeChat, and then to search the virtual currency, a function is applied to the vending machine mobile payment, mobile payment and traditional hardware mix, is also used for mobile payments and more traditional hardware provides more space for application and extension.

convenient mobile payment is a mature business model based on O2O. Normally, when consumers pay at the end, the information flow generated by the transfer payment behavior in the closed loop, the user will be effectively transmitted to the O2O consumer behavior so as to complete the nuclear electricity supplier, consumer information > online and offline

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