Collocation personalized fashion dress with new shopping platform

collocation. Founded in June 2016, this is a brand new women dress collocation shopping guide platform, is Quzhou’s a music Agel Ecommerce Ltd dedicated to female users solve the question of the dress, focus on providing find beauty and fashion, share shopping platform, is one of the fastest-growing Internet Co Chinese. In this vertical fashion field, people who are interested in fashion can get together to share the content of fashion topics such as clothing and beauty.

dress may be simple, but collocation is an art. Out of a big sense and a sense of presence, let the collocation show. Collocation ( is a special dress with the site, has the most abundant dress collocation information!


collocation not advertising, but items will be displayed with the most beautiful way; it is not Party, but it can attract tens of thousands of girls on this show, than the carnival; it did not sell anything, but can contribute to the Taobao website every month millions of business…… Collocation to recommend clothing with the theme of the platform + media + marketing as the framework, opened up a new path of feminization of the electricity supplier.

ah for dress collocation collocation knowledge provides users with the most fashionable dress collocation guide, but also the integration of the social function, at the same time, based on the "weather" function to the current season of the user the most realistic dress collocation method! Do not understand collocation MM can learn to communicate with us, you will soon become fashion arena the master


collocation ( to help you find your baby, so you do not choose what kind of baby to worry about. Fashion fashion trends for you to recommend the collocation. Dressing up, help you become more beautiful! Find your dress inspiration from here, not ugly girl, only lazy girl… You might envy the students around, why she would dress? Learning with us

dress collocation!

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