Transparency is more difficult to protect the rights of the automotive industry in the Warring State

in "CCTV 3· 15 party, the current industry market share of the first used car online trading platform – the car is easy to shoot by exposure both price difference was rushed to the in the teeth of the storm. Is the development of second-hand car electricity supplier was also placed in the storm of public opinion.

2015 is known as the first year of second-hand car business, many car business platform and the influx of capital from various quarters, directly promote the industry into the era of the Warring States in a very short period of time". With the new car sales stagflation, second-hand car trading has become increasingly active.

2015, China’s second-hand car business platform transaction size reached 1 million 12 thousand, of which the used car industry electricity supplier penetration has reached 5%-10%. Today’s scale is the development of new car electricity supplier 5-8 years to reach.

the past two years, the second-hand car electricity supplier industry can be described as "barbaric growth", which also inevitably there are many non-standard phenomena, which requires not only the national policy guidance, practitioners need more effort and investment, in order to promote the sustainable development of the industry healthy." Car king certified second-hand car supermarket pricing and channel director Zhou Yamin told die Zeit reporter.

insiders pointed out that in 2016 the second-hand car business market will gradually enter into the "oligopoly" stage, a field of four C2B, B2B, B2C, C2C, the leader to emerge.

it is worth noting that Premier Li Keqiang in this year’s government work report made it clear that the active second-hand car market". This means that the used car electricity supplier industry is bound to enter a new round of integration stage. At the same time, the momentum of development in recent years, fierce car electricity supplier will also produce a series of chemical reactions.

dangerous "consensus"

this is CCTV 3· 15 exposure of the car easy to shoot, is a second-hand car C2B online trading platform, consumers can be sold to the country’s second-hand car dealers. The platform played transparent, no difference slogan is its main selling point.

it is reported that the car is easy to shoot for the seller and the buyer were designed two sets of background, resulting in buyers and sellers to see the auction price is different, and some even thousands of dollars. For example, the price of the same car auction, the seller saw 70 thousand yuan, while buyers see is $65 thousand, with a difference of $5000 in the middle.

reported that the car is easy to shoot the use of two transactions caused by the seller and the buyer’s information asymmetry, constitute fraud to consumers.

reported after the broadcast, the car is easy to shoot immediately issued a statement on its official website, saying that the cost of this part of the charge is actually a consensus in the industry".

on the parties mentioned the buyer and the seller price inconsistencies, in fact, second-hand car electricity supplier platform rules similar to second-hand housing transactions. Generally by the buyer to pay taxes and fees, intermediary fees and other service charges, while the seller does not generally bear >

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