2015 electricity supplier inventory awards ceremony the original honey bud is the first

near the end of the year, the brightest come in a throng. This year, Chinese hezonglianheng business amidst the winds of change. Main theme of "price war" is still the eldest with cats and dogs party war, the emerging electricity supplier beachhead…… A real hammer notes, the retreat of the construction is missing, awards ceremony, in recognition of the list everywhere. At the end of the annual inventory of the machine, we look back to the electrical business glory stage.

honey bud Fashion Award & Award; mother assumes it

time: July 21, 2015

location: Shanghai Film Museum

highlights: the all star team, the first child China Fashion Festival, China first fashion baby list


July 21, 2015, honey bud was held in Shanghai, China’s first focus on maternal event in the field of "2015 honey bud Fashion Award", attracted hundreds of media attention. On the same day, Zhenge fund founder Xu Xiaoping, Wang Han, Aya, Christy Chung and other stars parents, more than 300 top global brand mother representatives and mother of one hundred representatives gathered in the field, to witness this event.

ceremony, honey bud baby Awards List released. The list is the first by the millions of mothers consumers to participate in the vote, the industry’s most authoritative KOL and maternal experts shared evaluation the quality of maternal and child supplies winners list, covering feeding, cleaning, skin care, clothing, toys, travel equipment, such as maternal and child Home Furnishing the whole category, reflecting the China mother group of real consumer preferences and preference, praised Japan Cosme Asia Pacific president Mr. Yoshida Naoshi as the "mother’s Cosme awards".

honey and honey baby bud bud Fashion Award created China awards ceremony held in the electricity supplier list published the first half of 2015, the model of other electricity providers to emulate.


2015 summit. China Beibei mother.

time: October 14, 2015

location: Intercontinential Hangzhou Hotel

highlights: thousand bay plan


October 16, 2015, sponsored by the "babe babe network 2015 China mother summit held in Intercontinential Hangzhou Hotel. Today the capital founder Xu Xin, Balabala business general manager Shao Feichun and a number of domestic and foreign mother brand representatives attended the summit. General assembly to build the quality of China made the power as the theme, open support domestic brands, thousands of bay program".


Summit on the same day, 2015 Chinese maternal annual awards ceremony as the last link, many domestic brand mother award.

baby tree tree 2015 gold awards ceremony


time: December 2015 9>

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