Where the crisis the old mire self reflection

      we did recently suffered a crisis.

"capital chain tension" and "suppliers owed money", "old or leaving" rumors one by one to hit every guest. Vintage finally sit still. At seven pm on October 16th, Eslite founder and CEO Chen new headquarters in Beijing Yizhuang met with reporters, reflecting the blind expansion of the past.


said, where the profound reflection of the blind pursuit of scale past ideas, strategic adjustment. Now the task is to return the product". At the same time, we also work overtime in the rectification, morale, hoping to embark on a new track.

"wait a minute in this meeting room, I also have two meetings with the team, is expected to be until the early hours of the morning." Chen said, similar working state they have lasted more than a month.

in addition, old also revealed that in the new round of financing is to negotiate, soon there will be results. He is expected to adjust the next month after the start where the customer is expected to profit.

arrears triggered storm

October 11th, two suppliers came to where the customer’s headquarters in Yizhuang to recover debts, someone in the micro-blog broadcast said, had been "stuck in the third age". Although soon to deal with this matter, and pay for the goods to the supplier. But this thing is like a fuse, after the layers of fermentation in the network of public opinion, all sorts of rumors about where customers began overwhelming: such as where the customer once again hit the capital chain tension, Lei began to help.

Chen explained that the arrears and debt collection site that is true, but not to A thing has its cause. capital chain tension, arrears.

"mainly we do the merger of the Department, especially the joint brand, the brand of this part, we three departments into one department." Chen said, which leads to changes in the interface, "the partner is a bit dizzy, we think business is not done, we are not at the end.."

In addition to

, the investor requires the replacement of CEO, as well as rumors or will serve as guest Chairman Lei Jun, aged said no such thing.

"frankly, everyone is pointing at me so much now that if I make an easy choice, don’t do it, it’s easier for me." Chen believes that now every guest team for how to take the next step has reached a consensus, so it will be for a month and moved to Yizhuang from the city, and corresponding strategy adjustment.

also admitted that in the aged, this adjustment does great relationship with Lei Jun, can also be said that after aging by Lei Jun "stimulus", was determined to reflect where the past.

"in the past three months, I was very much with Lei Jun communication." Chen said, "and I were talking before and after Lei Jun seven or eight times, a total of more than and 60 hours." To explain in detail the old Lei Jun millet products.

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