Global number of registered domain names soared Cn highest

      according to foreign media reports, the latest statistics show that by the middle of 2007, the number of global domain name registration has reached 138 million, of which the number of countries to significantly accelerate the registration of domain names.

domain name registration company VeriSign said that although the.Com suffix is still the most popular domain name, the number of registered 55 million. But the national code domain name (such as.Fr on behalf of France) grew rapidly, there are 51 million countries in the domain name, an increase of 36% over last year.

on behalf of Germany’s.De is the largest number of registered country code domain name, but also the second most popular domain name, ranked in the.Net domain name is third. Several other leading domain names are the UK’s ".UK" China’s ".CN" and ".Org" domain names.

VeriSign management domain name database includes all the.Com and.Net domain names, as well as the root server. Root server index all kinds of Internet domain name suffix, which means that all traffic through the company’s computer analysis intersection. Domain name is a key tool to help a computer find a website and route e-mail messages. (commissioning editor admin01)

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