Jialun B2C e commerce business lecture manuscript

should be invited to a small coffee shop IT health of their membership group to do a B2C e-commerce business seminars, just finished, but also sent to the teahouse is also a member of the IT lecture. Hello, I am Wang Jialun of Chengdu, is engaged in the education of electronic commerce, spare time to do a small site IT teahouse, mainly for the Sichuan IT entrepreneurs, hoping to make IT entrepreneurs get some help through this platform, through this platform I obtained valuable experience for many entrepreneurs. B2C e-commerce website operation of several core I think is: product, user experience, promotion, logistics, supply chain, the following several topics for a brief exposition of personal views for discussion. Here is only a topic, because each item can be used as a discussion point.

1, product

many people will want to do B2C rack their brains to what no one selling products online. In fact this idea is wrong, should not be looking for what no one to sell a product, but should be the most familiar with you and choose the most readily available resource related products, of course, the premise is the profit is high enough. Now we are doing B2C, basically suitable for online sales of products are sold, as long as you find your advantage can be, on the contrary, the number of people who sell products can prove that the market is large.

if you like me not a lot of money to do B2C, then I suggest you choose the gradual development of a vertical product and profit of more than 30% products, B2C has the advantage that it is very clear profit model, the beginning can be profitable, relatively suitable for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, but because of human logistics etc. the cost, gross margin is too low or to lose money, I have a friend do B2C a month or about 200000, do not make money, is the gross profit margin is too low, and very hard every day, the so-called low accumulation of customers are nonsense, B2C there is a feature of user loyalty is extremely low, where cheap where to go, do not expect the early accumulation of users do not make money.

2, user experience

Now a lot of B2C

is the use of open source to build, which is almost like the payment process, are the same, in addition to the price is not what other competitiveness, and I did think it B2C core competitiveness on the user’s experience, the same is over 100 users, user experience good site can be transformed into the 5 orders. Poor experience may be none, this is the biggest difference, so do a lot of B2C only see the conversion without looking at the traffic, how to do here but speak a little more, do it your experience believe users will get better, that’s the test, such as the description of the goods so, write a few days to see sales, for a description, look at the volume in the same amount of browsing, which extends to all aspects of website design, including payment process, order Single process, etc.. Different products have different characteristics, this is not a set, so do not completely follow the book or not

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