Wang Haiyang do Google search the purchase of electronic commerce

Wang Haiyang made two important decisions at the age of 27. Early abandon the outsourcing business, in the year to give up the face of comic software, turned to the realization of e-commerce.

into the e-commerce industry, Wang Haiyang set two rules for themselves.

is the first product to be innovative, to avoid direct competition with mature products. The second is the best use of the accumulation of image technology.

Wang Haiyang noted that Taobao’s album function is relatively weak, so he developed on Taobao more powerful album plug-in, help Taobao better display of goods, this product is called "king of the ocean pipe fitting room".

dressing room was first Taobao fancy, has since been used in large-scale marketing activities of Li Ning Co.

Wang Haiyang found that the dressing room is suitable for large-scale marketing activities, but to all consumer oriented application when the technology is too difficult, ordinary users to upload images can not be standardized, it is difficult to achieve the three-dimensional classification and recognition. Wang Haiyang expects the business up to millions of annual income, it is difficult to expand the scale, we must find a way out.

Wang Haiyang this time the user’s purchase behavior analysis. In the "attention – interest – Search – buy – share the purchasing chain, purchase behavior and resources in the hands of the low variability, Taobao and other sellers; search behavior direct purchase, and search engine technology barriers and high reproducibility low; as for the other three input output ratio is too low.

after this analysis, Wang Haiyang concluded that to do the search. Taking into account the Taobao search function is limited to keyword search, the general problem is semantic misunderstanding, high repetition rate of goods. So Wang Haiyang decided to do a "fool search engine" – Search options.


purchase is actually a picture of search engine. Wang Haiyang think this is a supplement to the keyword search, semantic transformation can avoid mistakes, and reduce the repeated search results of product styles.


provides several ways to purchase search services for buyers: 1 pictures, search, click on the style of product buyers love to search, you can search to the products of the same paragraph, the same color, different color, different kinds of products and even details of pictures, pictures according to the positioning of commercial; 2, upload pictures to find the product, users can upload your love style will be displayed in the gallery, the engine in search of the same products; price; 3, 4, 5, row weight; screening: Senior screening according to the price range, color etc..

began to purchase only services for users of Taobao search, a search of Taobao products, Taobao for its open platform, and provides API access and multiple operations support.

At present,

Wang Haiyang plans to purchase search "to do more, do more inclusive search engines crawl all B2C product information, do polymerization of multi-source information. By then, Taobao will occupy a higher proportion, but not all".

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