Dialogue seven days from the new left Yingjie bondage to busk

introduction: electricity generation operation mentioned, the industry is generally considered a chicken ribs industry: dirty, tired and bitter, seeing the silver shining white drifting, but also just to look at.

now they want to turn over to be masters. Someone shouted "generation operation checkmate", then a hastily disappeared; some people take every chance to hold the thigh, to avoid the fate of substitution at any time. The new seven days has been an alternative representative of the industry. In the past, he and his fellow boys, Xing in the traditional brand to enter the electricity supplier, Tmall Jingdong of Sheng biao. But now, he’s going to say goodbye to the past.

The new

seven day CEO Zuo Yingjie told billion state power network, he hopes to upgrade the "chicken ribs" service reality through the ability to generation operation completely from "sell toil" once in the mire of "turned out, entertainer, and eventually to" 4A "company to achieve closer. Obviously, in this process, the new seven days must enhance the network marketing ability and communication ability, provide a higher level of service for enterprises, and not just the bitter for brands "sellers".

really can be a reality? If the generation operation has come to a dead end, whether there will be There is a way out.? from the "grass root" peddler to tall on the advertising company, the turnaround fought? Billion state power network with these questions and Zuo Yingjie dialogue, a full range of new secret seven days upgrade strategy.

The new

CEO seven days left Yingjie

is the following dialogue record:

electricity supplier on behalf of the camp can only survive the Jedi

billion state power network: why suddenly want to upgrade? Can’t the original model generation operation really to continue?

Zuo Yingjie: the root cause is the emergence of new demand for many brands. In 2008, when the first batch of electricity generation operators appear, many traditional companies began to "net", but do not understand the Internet, do not have basic operation ability. If the operation of the enterprise is still only stay in the provision of shops, sales, management orders, delivery and other basic services, it can not meet the needs of a higher level of enterprise upgrade, will be eliminated.

after 5 years of development, and now set foot in the electricity supplier of traditional enterprises have learned the basis of the operation of the 40%, but also on behalf of the operator has continued to flow into these enterprises. The needs of these enterprises began to upgrade to the second stage.

billion state power network: after the second stage, these traditional enterprises which have the new demand for


Zuo Yingjie: enter the second stage, these companies began to hope that the generation of operating companies can provide planning, visual management, UED (user experience design), product strategy, user data research, data mining, IT system comprehensive docking and other special services.

with the development of the electricity supplier, SKYWORTH, LG, the United States of this kind of business, but also hope that we make a major marketing activities such as double 11