Coach once again shut down Tmall shop behind what kind of conflict of interest

Coach in August last year the bottom again settled Tmall after just a year, again quietly closed shop. The Tmall brand in the two shop, two stores were closed process is very short, so the more important for well-known brands and Tmall are the first time, there is a conflict of interest to the


Coac and Tmall’s cooperation, then Tmall also called Taobao mall.

at the end of 2011, the first cooperation, and earnestly to the media releases, as can be imagined, both sides take this as a major event. One is Taobao, which is considered slightly LOW platform ushered in a luxury brand, one is the United States to embrace luxury electricity supplier. For the two companies are very promotional significance.

however, this two months after the declaration of mortality, although Coach explained that this is the additional cooperation based on the cooperation agreement is fake, two months.

, however, the industry generally believe that Taobao did not perform Coach in Taobao’s commitment to help crackdown, so Coach had to shut the shop.

that time, cooperation between the two sides of Coach also belong to a strong party, should be to the Alibaba "indifferent" party.

in fact, at that time, Taobao is unlikely to sacrifice its small sellers Coach can sell fake channels, and even can be said that there is no small sellers to sell fakes, there is no Alibaba today.

The game

Coach and Taobao, until there today, such as Gucci two prosecution Alibaba selling, behind the same logic. For the first time, everyone a good number, but it is the Alibaba did not fulfill its commitments, Gucci can only once again Alibaba court.

For the first time after cooperation

Coach and Taobao, two companies just ushered in a turning point of their competitors, Coach in compression and the company’s own strategy mistake worse, while Taobao has experienced rapid development of the Internet, China electricity supplier industry, and finally ushered in the parent company of the Alibaba listed.

in 2015, if China market, Taobao, Tmall and Coach to put together the game again, Tmall is already Coach "can not afford" side, because there are a large number of international brands Tmall, even Burberry such traditional luxury brands against the industry trend, it was called Ning came in.

45 months, the vicissitudes of life.

what was it like when Coach set up shop again at Tmall in August 2015,


Coach does not have any preferential treatment, even in the Tmall search for "coach" or "coach" products, the first screen you can not see the coach’s flagship store in


this is equivalent to the equivalent of what? You are Li Kui, see others are selling ax >

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