Amazon after a year or will use the UAV delivery giant really capricious

[global technology Roundup] according to the British "Daily Mail" reported on June 17th, when the Federal Aviation Administration revised air law, the electricity supplier giant Amazon is expected to use the UAV delivery within one year after the consumer can be within 30 minutes of receiving.

days ago, Amazon reported to Congress for a year after the use of the UAV delivery plan, but the Federal Aviation Administration rules limit, this service is not yet issued. Amazon’s vice president Paul Mizer Na said that the government should change with the development of science and regulations, the service will completely change the way people buy much-needed supplies. "If consumers need something, he does not need to drive to buy, no motorcycle electric delivery, UAV is the fastest, most efficient and environmentally friendly way," said zehner meters.

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Federal Aviation Administration in February to develop the statute of commercial drones is strictly prohibited. The House Committee held a hearing on Wednesday to discuss the potential benefits, security and privacy issues of commercial drones.

in January this year, a drone flew into the White House, showing how easy it is to enter the world’s most restricted flight. M zehner want Congress and the Federal Aviation Administration to reconsider the restrictions on commercial UAVs, he said the commercial UAV can be safe flight on sight, now the background program is still perfect.

at present, most of the UAV flight is for entertainment purposes, the Federal Aviation Administration to allow recreational use of UAV flying during the day, and stay at the airport 8 kilometers away, less than 121 meters in height.

UAV is a new field of technology, there are many potential uses, the future is unlimited, but there is still a lack of people can fully solve the concerns of UAV regulations. Internship compile: Chen Mengyuan reviewer: Li Zongze)

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