Group purchase king 3 anniversary of the anniversary of hundreds of goods towards the climax of lore

A famous

platform "group purchase group purchase king" in June 14th opened the "Thanksgiving 3 anniversary" large-scale promotional activities, today ushered in the climax of a hundred commodity naked price rush, challenge the lowest whole network.


buy 3 anniversary promotion began to enter the countdown

June 24th is the 3 anniversary of the king of online group purchase anniversary. Today, until the 26 day, the introduction of the daily price of the bare price of the 6 models of spike, respectively, at 10 points, 14 points, at the time of the launch of the 19, expired.

spike commodity prices, low to beyond imagination. With a bamboo fiber space memory pillow "as an example, the market price of 388 yuan, today the king of second anniversary group purchase price, only 6.22 yuan.

In addition

, from June 21st to 26, Wang also launched a group purchase fresh fruit seckill, litchi, plum, cherry, nectarine, Thailand imported mangosteen and other people love to eat fruits, have a preferential price.

It is reported that

, in order to meet today’s anniversary, consumer feedback, the King opened the history of group purchase group purchase year on the biggest promotional activities launched from June 14th, thousands of "discount" goods, clothing, mobile phone, digital Home Furnishing supplies and many other commodities of the group purchase price of 1 fold.

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