Ali and Metro exclusive strategic cooperation German quality Tmall into China

September 8, 2015 Hangzhou – today, in the network operators in the world’s new business summit, the Alibaba group and the world’s leading retail trade group Metro announced an exclusive strategic partnership, Metro official flagship store will be assigned to the Tmall international. As Germany’s largest retail trade group, Metro and Alibaba will work together in the commodity supply chain, cross-border electricity supplier and big data closely together to become an important partner of Ali’s European strategy.

according to the latest signed a joint business plan, many consensus in the globalization and Chinese based on the market, the two sides will be in the consumer market China cross-border import to achieve the whole category of global direct sourcing, strong integration of online and offline channels, sharing consumption and other aspects of big data to reach the full depth of cooperation.

Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong said: Alibaba group is very pleased to reach an exclusive strategic cooperation with metro. As one of the most successful European retail group, Metro innovator attitude in the global retail industry for more than 50 years of deep plowing. Metro to improve the supply chain system and the line of stores, the Alibaba will provide cross-border, logistics, marketing, rural, online supermarket, online and offline integration in the fields of business infrastructure, rising consumer Chinese for high-quality goods to meet the demand for big data. At the same time, Ali will join Metro in the European market to help more local enterprises to establish a fast track to the Chinese market."

Metro Group Management Committee Chairman Olaf Koch said: we are very pleased to reach a deep partnership with Alibaba. E-commerce is one of the strategic channels for Metro to achieve business growth in the Chinese market, Metro’s official flagship store opened in Tmall clearly shows our confidence in the Chinese market. We have a strong business base in China, and we have an excellent track record in providing quality and variety of products. Metro Group Based on a global network of purchasing and supply chain management, Alibaba through this huge ecological innovation platform, will provide China consumers more high-quality imported commodity rich and German brand products."


according to the joint business plan, the exclusive strategic cooperation agreement between the two sides is rich in content, as follows:

cross-border electricity supplier strategic cooperation – the two sides will be on a global scale, with Tmall international as an entry point to explore the possibility of multi-channel cooperation. Metro is willing to become an important and indispensable partner in the process of internationalization of Alibaba group, Alibaba is willing to become a reliable partner in China and Metro electricity supplier in the practice of strategic cooperation platform. Metro will fully support Alibaba import strategy in the field of cross-border electricity supplier, and help establish Tmall international "German Pavilion", together with the introduction of more high-quality small and medium-sized German brand of quality products, in order to improve the quality of life of consumers Chinese together.

retail electricity supplier multi-dimensional cooperation – Metro willing to invest in the country has been >

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