Role reversal daozhui traditional channel business platform why


| Sun Hongchao

double eleven, the line and the line is not only a contradiction of a business or an industry, but the whole society." PEAK CIO bin Shou pairs of NetEase technology said.

coincidentally, a few days ago Jingdong O2O project manager Hou Yi claimed that retailers do not build a website, the reason is "and business platform to lower cost", then Anhui Music City supermarket general manager Wang Wei direct counterattack, "electricity cost is lower than the store is a lie", and said the traditional retail channels as long as can solve the procurement method no matter what business.

obviously, the traditional channels have been from the electricity supplier channels and in close combat find greater value.

from Ali, Jingdong menacing the line with high growth snatch the store’s cake, Ma Wang Jianlin to bet, then to the layout layout at the beginning of this year, home appliance platforms have entity retailers will pull into its mobile Internet, this change in the end for what? Perhaps this means that the electricity supplier platform is slowly from the altar down, the traditional retail channels under the line is starting to fight back.

: the case of Shanxi meetall and Tang Long

ancient capital of nine dynasties, Shanxi Taiyuan, two electricity suppliers + supermarkets are here to expand fight hand to hand with. In April 17th, shop No. 1 and jointly launched Shanxi Meitehao supermarket shop No. 1 U.S. special good flagship store officially launched, and the Jingdong retail benchmarking O2O Tang Long convenience store is also located in Shanxi of Taiyuan.

in the southwest corner of downtown Taiyuan Wuyi Square, a Jingdong with a symbol of the Tang Long convenience stores are operating, and it is also a look almost the same as the Tang Long convenience stores, it is only 200 meters away across an intersection. If the Wuyi Square as a starting point, a range of 9 kilometers to find Tang long, just reached a cooperation and No. 1 store only 1 u.s..

this is a common spring at noon, convenience store and out are in the vicinity of the young white-collar work, fast food, lunch, the focus of corn are purchased. In the reporter’s imagination, the store should have a special corner of express parcels piled up, but it looks like either a long or don meetall, with Beijing common convenience store is no different. According to the clerk described, the concentration of the package for the time every morning and evening, the amount is not too much.


and electronic business platform in hand, meetall and Tang Long was awfully good, shouted Internet orders to buy 1 yuan of goods, free door-to-door "; Tang Long then announced opening, and food and fresh to a dollar, although easy, fresh is not easy, the promotion, to the people the necessary the rice oil, 1 Yuan directly on standard U.S."".

the two giants represent the most important retail channels: 1997, Taiyuan meetall opened the first large supermarket. Up to now, in the province of Shanxi has more than 100 stores; Tang convenience store after the introduction of Shanxi in the past 1 years, currently has a total of more than and 800 in Shanxi

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