Tmall double 11 spot commodity declaration began to play big exposure

October 13th news, today, to participate in the activities of Tmall’s 11 businesses can begin to declare goods. Reporting time for October 13, 2016 14:00:00 ~ 23:59:59 in October 27, 2016.


, Tmall released a Tmall for "double spot commodity declaration full analysis" of a text, the "payment minus inventory, coupons, shop full cut and other detailed explanations.

mentioned in the text, the 11 period, the business can be determined according to their own commodity attributes and the actual situation, the use of reduced inventory or inventory reduction, Tmall does not require. However, the advantage of the former is that, when the time limit is exceeded, the inventory will be recovered, other consumers can continue to buy.

in addition, in the pre inventory, more than 15 minutes later, the customer clicks on the payment, but in the final payment page does not pay, the system will produce a pre deduction inventory, more than 15 minutes after the stock will be released. On the other hand, after more than 30 minutes, in addition to Juhuasuan orders, payment orders will not automatically cancel the closure.

therefore, businesses are concerned about the use of "payment minus inventory" will happen wares oversell, the official responded that it would not happen. Assuming that SKU actually has only 2 remaining inventory, 15 minutes after the capture of 1 customers. Payment, 3 customers at the same time, the system will automatically check the inventory, to ensure that the stock is sufficient to allow the payment is successful, otherwise the payment will fail.

and coupons, Tmall mentioned, commodity coupons included in the lowest price, store coupons are not included.

if the members to use commodity coupons, a 39 yuan of goods, the use of 30 yuan unlimited commodity coupons, membership after the purchase transaction is 39 yuan, but only spent 9 yuan, in this case, the price calculation is 9 yuan.

if the member store coupons, a 39 yuan of goods, 30 yuan unrestricted store coupons, membership after the purchase transaction record is 39 yuan, but only spent 9 yuan, in this case, calculate the lowest price is 39 yuan, not 9 yuan.

reads as follows:

1, ask: what is the counter price? What is the sale activity price? What is the 9.15 day low? What is the relationship between them? What is the relationship with the price of


answer: 1) counter price is goods are collectively referred to compare prices, including the activities of commodity manufacturers suggested retail price, the price tag, or approved by the price bureau and other national legal institutions required by the price, the price of business activities in online or offline way to produce real sales, if not real sales, not to the price as the counter price reporting, please be sure to keep sales documents related business friends. Full court refers to the full range of activities by the merchant to counter the price of the half off half of the way with the consumer goods settlement.

2) "1111 active selling price" refers to the intention of the commodity in 2016-11->

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