Brand net electronic commerce into snatch new battlefield

recently, Armani "Internet", followed by Gucci, Burberry, Tod’s and other brands are also eager……

it is understood that luxury brand sales last year fell by 8%, but its online sales grew by more than 20%, which makes the luxury brand began to focus on the site to retail. Armani to test the waters of the domestic e-commerce channels detonated news commentary on e-commerce and luxury alternative combination argument. An industry source said, the signs are already there, especially in the background of sales decline in the international financial crisis, various brands are looking for new low cost and high growth in sales.

, previously, a number of foreign brands began to test the water to build the site sales, the reason is that the international financial crisis, many department stores in order to stimulate sales, bulk discounts on luxury goods, luxury brands began to worry that this will seriously affect their brand image.

retail website "on the one hand, way to solve the problem of funds needed to open the store, on the other hand, the development of technology now added a lot of element of humanity for the site, which can solve the problem of shopping experience to a certain extent." These people said, it is worth noting that luxury goods are increasingly targeting the Chinese market.

big luxury to "net" wave of e-commerce market constantly, China have unlimited growth space is becoming the new battleground of international luxury brands seeking sales breakthrough.

recently, Italy bedding brand Bellora announced, will use the largest membership invitation luxury bootleg website LuxeHome network for the first time to try online sales in China before christmas. The ancient Italy bedding brand for the first time in the China market network, is the first to carry out online sales in China’s luxury brand Home Furnishing.

it is understood that the Italy Bellora is a world-renowned top brand bedding, the Pope’s generation, has a large number of users in the crowd as well as fashion models, star, currently has more than and 160 stores in the world.

for Bellora in China the first net, third generation family business Giuseppe Bellora said: "Chinese luxury online consumption growth momentum, what need more professional website know more online consumption, more know how to please the consumer network." In addition, online sales will be able to cover the two or three line of the city Chinese more huge potential consumer groups is the important reason he moved to the network market.

analysis of the industry, luxury brands to open the shop directly by their own price system conflict, the establishment of the maintenance of publicity costs, professional degree and other factors, is not optimistic about the industry. The "2010 China luxury report" showed that half of the respondents are willing to buy luxury goods online, have huge potential China of online luxuries consumption for brands "envy". Therefore, relying on more emphasis on the user experience may be able to solve the professional B2C >

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