Chaotic phenomena of cross border electricity supplier scouring the world to encounter rival malicio

now Chinese authorities to vigorously promote the development of the electricity supplier, has spawned a series of online retail enterprises and Alibaba, Amazon competition, in order to cater to consumers worried about the local commodity quality and safety of the sea Amoy demand.

with the rapid development of mobile Internet, mobile social development in full swing, mobile providers are also developing rapidly. This spawned a group of sea Amoy shopping APP, such as scouring the world, honey Amoy network, what is worth buying. At the same time, the development of the sea Amoy industry in full swing also highlights a series of problems, not only playing the price war, in the application store illegal brush list, but also may cause some problems in the industry competition deterioration.

recently, the sea Amoy market new star scouring the world suffered a common problem in the electricity supplier industry, suffered competitors malicious brush coupons, resulting in a loss of about one million yuan in the world’s Amoy economy. Amoy world official said that the current technical staff in urgent repair brush ticket loopholes, while scouring the world has pledged before the brush bug fixes all valid voucher coupons will continue normal use.

with the major electricity supplier giants compete and promote a new round of financing, sea Amoy industry has entered a new wave of rapid development, while the industry has become increasingly chaotic situation highlights. In addition to scouring the world to encounter malicious brush ticket, Jingdong,,, the U.S. group, Taobao and other sea Amoy platform are more or less suffered a fake or platform attack etc.. In the case of the rapid growth of the sea Amoy industry, any platform is a problem that its development will experience a painful process.

reporter interviewed the person in charge of the world market, to understand the party’s latest views on this phenomenon. Scouring the world market responsible person said: "I hope that through the event integrity performance this time, a reminder of the increasingly popular sea Amoy business market, in the sea Amoy trust problem under the condition of serious to you play a booster. At the same time, I hope to be able to put together a group of peers into the sea Amoy electricity supplier market, said the behavior of the behavior of malicious brush, not for the sea Amoy industry to build a good ecological." In addition to the use of loopholes in the system brush coupons, attack server issues, cross-border electricity supplier in the customs, inspection, taxation, exchange and logistics, distribution and other aspects are also facing many problems, leading to abnormal development of the industry. To solve these problems, in addition to the need to work together to build a good ecological industry, but also requires the government to introduce measures to strengthen the guidance and norms of cross-border electricity supplier.

said the electricity supplier industry celebrities Zhang Jiawei earlier in an interview: "the use of electronic business platform vulnerabilities brush ticket behavior is a bad behavior, which requires not only their own strong technical backing, more needs within the industry self-discipline and norms. Driven by the high quality and low price of goods, sea Amoy in the past few years, no doubt has become a new way of reducing the heat of Taobao. From Champs Elysees street, Hongkong luxury purchasing milk loot, and last year Japanese rice cooker and lid berserk, undoubtedly the best explanation for the prospect of a huge blue ocean market demand. Now the domestic sea Amoy Amoy brand new world "platform in similar fashion buyers will set >

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