O2O can really let the pharmaceutical business shine

talk about the domestic pharmaceutical electricity supplier, the development of today has been for several years, but it is still just lukewarm. The reason, but also a lot of factors, Liu Kuang think the main reason for the following five points:

The biggest factor

1, hinder the development of pharmaceutical electricity supplier is the special nature of drugs, causing many consumers not to buy drugs online, worried that once the buy fake actually let their The loss outweighs the gain. And at any given time, the advice given by the doctor is often required under the guidance of a doctor. It is true that the drug is different from clothes, mobile phones and other commodities, some of the ordinary consumer drug is better to say that the prescription drug is determined not to buy online.

2, from the perspective of timeliness, most people tend to be sick when they want to buy medicine. This time, if you go to the pharmaceutical business platform to buy drugs, then the time is possible to express a few days to arrive?. So many times, people tend to be more willing to choose to a nearby pharmacy or clinic, the hospital to buy drugs, but also to the line to buy a doctor’s guidance.

3, from the medical consumer groups, there is a large part of the consumer is in older users, this kind of crowd for the Internet and mobile Internet are not very proficient, not to mention directly by the electricity supplier channels to buy drugs. And a lot of elderly people in a pharmacy to buy drugs for their own, he will go to the pharmacy to buy drugs, loyalty is very high.

4, from a policy point of view, the country is very strict regulation of the pharmaceutical electricity supplier platform, want to get several major electricity supplier qualification certificate is not so easy. This is not the general small companies have this strength, even get the certificate of Tmall, Jingdong and other mall, their platform in the sale of drugs is also cautious.

5, there is a very real problem, that is, health insurance issues. Although the hospital’s drugs than many pharmacies and online stores to sell drugs to be expensive, but many people still choose to buy medicine in the hospital for treatment, the most fundamental reason is because Medicare card. Many insured patients are often only in a designated hospital to enjoy medical insurance treatment, in order to reimburse them to have to buy drugs in the designated hospital.

But the rise of O2O

makes the pharmaceutical business platform to see new hope, whether the traditional pharmaceutical factory, the next line of the chain store, or the pharmaceutical business platform, is trying to use the power of O2O to break the current deadlock in the pharmaceutical business embarrassment. So, O2O can really let the pharmaceutical business shine? Let’s take a look at the different kinds of medicine O2O mode.

a pharmacy chain independent O2O

said the current into the drugstore chain, pharmaceutical electricity supplier platform is very much in the field as well as a pharmacy network, such as gold mesh, Nepstar chain drugstore, they established in.

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