E commerce an analysis of the macro innovation mode of enterprise business model

according to the degree of innovation, there are two types of innovation in the business model of e-commerce enterprises. The former is the original business model disruptive change, creating a new business model, the main mode of extension, out of thin air; the latter is partially revised based on the existing business model, improve the efficiency of business operations, it is to introduce the concrete specific characteristics of macro innovation mode.

1 out of thin air this business model is not generally isolated to create new products and services, also not isolated changes in sales channels and sales model, but to change the operation mode of the entire value chain, creating a new business model. This model is the most representative of the typical B2S (experiential e-commerce), which represents the enterprise to enjoy china.

enjoy China belongs to the drift of Cultural Media Co., Ltd., is currently the only one to provide shared shopping (or experiential shopping) B2S platform. The platform on-line in October 2010, only a month’s time the number of members has reached more than 6 thousand. The model is characterized by a build-up of common interests of the people, through the B2S platform, to choose their own love of goods, to pay the price of the goods (each person only need to pay a small fee), to choose one of the lucky ones, owned by the lucky and experience the latest commodity.

enjoy China and has some characteristics of buy and spike, but the difference between these two modes of online shopping. Although it takes the form of "buy", but not everyone can eventually get the desired goods, and the cost of individual consumers to pay far less than the average cost of buying. It is different from the current popular online shopping "seckill", because Chinese enjoy guest rather than take the form of a panic buying, as long as the lucky number transaction number and target consumer goods coin agreement can get the goods, to better reflect the objectivity and fairness of the transaction.

The unique feature of

enjoying China is to grasp the psychology of consumers. It will target user groups positioning in students entering the workplace and workers, and this part of the consumer online shopping is the main crowd; its products are fashionable and quality products, the young people have great appeal; it takes the share shopping transaction mode, to meet the consumer spending "a" to do "big" consumption demand; it integrates novelty, practicability and entertainment, e-commerce endowed with new vitality.

of course, this business model also has some limitations. First of all, the experience of the goods is limited to a special commodity, such as a high degree of concern of the latest digital products, star signature products; secondly, the model has not yet formed a stable profit model, can achieve sustained earnings growth, and test time.

2 mode extension mode extension refers to the integration of existing business models, penetration, thus forming a new business model. This is mainly reflected in e-commerce and

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