Group purchase group purchase network industry is facing reshuffle situation of SMEs need to go else

According to iResearch

data show that from the beginning of the first group purchase net growth to more than 3 thousand today, just 11 months time, when more and more white collar group purchase will be as a kind of cultural office, this unique mode of e-commerce has been gradually integrated into our lives, from before group purchase coupons to the current users of the basic necessities of life, life gradually to the online shopping consumer life over. And the data show that from the beginning of January this year Chinese first group purchase website was born, as of the end of August, the number of network group purchase domestic enterprises scale has reached 1215. Only in September this year, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen four cities, the number of transactions to buy up to 1 million 810 thousand people, the total transaction value of more than $110 million.

is to see the pattern of electronic commerce growing situation, some small and medium-sized site began to catch a group purchase trend, so in the country but group purchase website blossom everywhere, a prosperous commercial total hidden behind many of the crisis, the core is the credit crisis, in order to regulate and maintain the sustainable development of the industry. Credit certification rules China International Electronic Commerce Center played a catalyst for the entire industry. At the same time, the whole group is also about to enter the industry reshuffle.

so in small group purchase website how in the reshuffle situation is not the environment such as the elimination of mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, I recently contacted the 597 group purchase network marketing department manager Lin, she said only the enterprises from now on for good positioning, grasp every detail, it will not be eliminated by the industry.

first, commodity differentiation or occupation of new markets

At present, more than 9 of the

group of group purchase websites of goods are basic necessities of life, such as Western-style food coupons, KTV coupons, snacks and so on, while catering to the needs of consumers, but the timeliness requirements of commodities higher, many participants in the pursuit of low-cost group purchase also to meet the spiritual needs, therefore, to suppliers of goods and the service providers of the conversion rate will be greatly reduced.

therefore, product differentiation will increase competition for their website chips, I see in the 597 group purchase goods online is different from other sites, which is mainly digital home appliances small, general discount for 45% off, and 70 percent off or even lower than peer network station, not too much the advantages, but from the commodity property, for young white-collar couples or attractive enough.

two, regional positioning or bring new ideas

observed several well-known domestic network group purchase group purchase mode, they are relying on the resources of the city area, namely the master operation of various regions of the country the city station mode, which undoubtedly need more capital and resources to load, lack for small and medium sized group purchase website is the capital, if there is no strong capital. It is waiting for them in the shuffle in the tide of buried in the sea.

597 buy Lin said that the current positioning of the group is to buy the 597 site, which greatly

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