Pocket through exposing WeChat Ecology Taobao second echelon sellers turn red

[Reuters] "billion state power on Taobao big sellers in the WeChat era almost all play together, compared with the original Taobao small second echelon sellers but rushed to fame, do very well." This is the pocket through business operations director Castle (also known as cold) on the current stage of WeChat electricity supplier ecology reviews.

understanding of Taobao, Tmall ecological people, this phenomenon is undoubtedly unexpected. Those in the "Taobao" mix a seller – the traditional brand, for having heard it many times gradually mature network brand in the WeChat era really outdated? The so-called "second tier" sellers and what is to become the new darling of consumers


on Taobao "big sellers, big brands sailing downwind used, is the PC end of the era of the electricity supplier’s vested interest, motionless on the scale of millions of transactions, WeChat is very ugly on this new land. To allow them to really put their energy on WeChat, will inevitably touch the original interests." This castle in Guangzhou to analyze the mobile billion state power network salon.

therefore, although many brands have announced promising value of WeChat mobile Internet to catch up with the tide of the times, but it is more in the show, the concrete implementation of the operation, most of the big sellers are inadequate.

, by contrast, some of the original in Taobao, Jingdong and other platforms are not so outstanding second echelon sellers, but cherish the WeChat this new platform, and are willing to spend time and effort to do a more detailed operation. "Nothing to lose", compared to PC to end the era of big sellers, small sellers in the mobile era more light, no burden, the result is more.

castle in Guangzhou salon on the details of the pocket through seven "flower sellers" customers: the local folks, WIS skin care, two or three things, micro florist, men socks, small tea mother, Okamoto, on behalf of the agricultural products, cosmetics, clothing, footwear, flowers, tea, Adult supplies 7 different category.

In addition to Okamoto

and WIS, several other sellers in the era of PC end almost do not have too great fame, some stores do not even Taobao. But this does not hinder the play like a raging fire in WeChat: membership card, micro film, private custom, tea garden tour, close chatting…… WeChat’s exclusive private trust, based on the characteristics of these small sellers trying to find really suitable for retrofit, WeChat’s business model.

interaction is the most representative of the WeChat era of user maintenance. A stronger sense of presence is also an important difference between WeChat electricity supplier buyers and buyers of electricity supplier era PC end.

to the local folks as an example, the WeChat opened a "native membership interview", shows the real story of local folks members, each member from membership profile, reason, promotion of local folks, recommendation five point of view of this paper, the formation of a clear picture of the user, it is more important to complete the publicity and promotion of the brand concept in imperceptible.


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