Come to the mall public network SKG new package to

summer is coming, food will be worried about the deterioration of the problem. People at home, it is time to start adding equipment, arrangements for summer life!

recently, the world’s largest global manufacturer of mall navigation site, mall public network ( and SKG cooperation, launched a huge discount. SKG as a well-known fashion exquisite home appliance brand, recently launched a only 1999 yuan ultra low price JC-95E/3581 intelligent temperature control home ice bar (95L), won the mall fans love


this month 12 days to 19 days during the implementation of the "official website in order to send gifts activities, buy more quickly, more cost-effective to you! The words, 399 yuan package will send you

!It is reported that

, the mall network often cooperate with well-known brand, launched a substantial profit, promotions, back to the mall public network of fans, SKG as a famous brand, the popularity of the Internet shopping mall has been high, this time, fans of




intelligent temperature control of household ice, a people for the new in order to be different, the traditional refrigerator impression, forced big! It has high stability (including precision compressor and temperature controller), to enhance the taste (stylish and avant-garde), generous and generous, calm about Jane (thick black, with transparent three layer vacuum glass, silver mirror and unique technology, is the gift) the advantages of


mall official network of direct manufacturers, enjoy preferential rebate double

SKG huge spree, think it is awesome and echocardiography. Xiao Bian has been committed to provide you with the most affordable and most cost-effective way to buy, there are surprises in the back. Xiaobian recommend a new business platform mall public network, as the representative of the F2C model, namely Factory to customer (direct from the manufacturer to the consumer) e-commerce model, make consumers more convenient to buy genuine, and without any intermediate links, direct purchase of goods to the ex factory price, and then enjoy the shopping mall network to provide consumer rebates and other concessions, online shopping is simply Master essential artifact.

now through the mall public network businesses can enter the official purchase rebate program, in the enjoyment of the original commercial activities discount at the same time, can enjoy preferential premium rebate, double benefits is not better.


mall public network as a global manufacturer of mall navigation website, has brought together automotive supplies, decoration, household appliances, 3C digital Home Furnishing, fashion, skin care cosmetics and many other categories of a total of more than 3 thousand brand manufacturers, can be said to be anything you want to brand goods can be purchased at the. And the mall also provides a very intimate network of shopping services, such as the first time to ensure that the release of the first major brands of promotional activities of the information, to provide consumers with extreme shit >

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