Fuanna test data with WeChat marketing to push products

news September 22nd, days before fuanna Home Furnishing goods Limited by Share Ltd responsible person said in the investor relations activities, the company in advance to play the role of new media, to carry out marketing data, in cooperation with the WeChat platform to push customers product information.

to carry out data marketing online promotion

It is reported that

, fuanna trying some cross-border business, and constantly optimize the business strategy, based on big data, play the role of new media, to carry out data marketing, increase online sales promotion efforts, and actively cooperate with WeChat and other platforms, to push customers to product information, boost business growth. At present, fuanna business overall or in the foundation stage.

focus on product multi brand, diversity


billion state power network has learned, the company steadily "Home Furnishing" concept, and strive to build a Home Furnishing soft outfit "one-stop shopping", one based on the "textile arts" multi brand strategy, grasp the product design, the emphasis on product differentiation and characteristics; on the other hand, continue to extend the product diversity the development of a more complete category, rich Home Furnishing products, adhere to store strategy, the future will be more abundant Home Furnishing category play a synergistic effect of the whole collocation. At the same time, the company will focus on fine management, optimize the production and marketing process system to reduce costs.

addition, Anna Fu said that at present the company cash flow is sufficient, if the right target will be considered through mergers and acquisitions business development company.

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