Alibaba’s acquisition of cnzz to increase the pace of integration of e commerce business

on Wednesday May 4, 2011, traffic statistics of service provider CNZZ relevant person in charge confirmed Alibaba group has completed the acquisition of CNZZ, which marks the Alibaba in the electronic commerce services business integration and take a step.

Alibaba Group acquired CNZZ news for a long time, although the CNZZ behind the scenes operator Cai Wensheng had repeatedly denied, but this is an indisputable fact in the industry. Alibaba public relations department did not comment on the matter too much, but said the amount of the acquisition is not rumored $15 million.

at the same time, Alibaba group public relations department stressed that the acquisition is the acquisition of the group, is not listed on the main acquisition of Alibaba.

according to the disclosure on the CNZZ site, its registered users reached 1 million 810 thousand people, the statistical site of 306, every day there are 1 million 600 thousand sites using CNZZ, the daily statistics of PV, covering a total of 90% Internet users a week. Through the acquisition, Alibaba can further accumulate user data to protect the entrance + data industry position.

Prior to this,

began to integrate the layout of the acquisition by Alibaba. The acquisition can also be seen as another step in the e-commerce services Alibaba group. 2008, Alibaba acquisition of universal forum program provider PHPWind. In September 2009, the Alibaba announced the payment of 540 million yuan for the acquisition of the domestic Internet infrastructure service provider China civilink. Alibaba involvement in logistics industry in 2010.

analysts said the integration of the acquisition of CNZZ and PHPWind before may have to incorporate small owners.

insiders believe that CNZZ is currently in the business website using rate is not high, but the small owners more, Ali’s move is in fact more tentacles of the small owners, in a certain sense is in with Baidu’s Baidu alliance in the rivalry. At the same time, but also through the sample before the acquisition of Alibaba CNZZ group as a whole to provide a reference for the deployment of the group’s e-commerce industry chain, which means that Alibaba will be more effective layout integration of e-commerce industry chain.

Liang Chunxiao, vice president of Alibaba

group, said in Tencent micro-blog, China’s e-commerce will enter the fourth "five years"". The first five years is the technical trend from 1995; the second is the trend of the enterprise for the past 5 years; the third is the ecological trend of the industry for the next five years, and the coming fourth years are the trend of the society.

perhaps, from here you can see that Alibaba actively layout of e-commerce services will continue the pace of ecological business.

Alibaba group completed the acquisition of data services website CNZZ

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