Baidu sales promotion Hubei Baidu Guo Yeye

Baidu search engine, we are familiar with, but what is Baidu sales, perhaps only a small number of people do not know, Baidu’s telephone sales is mainly responsible for the sale of Baidu promotion business.

what is the promotion of Baidu is to spend money, you can make any target site and related keywords to Baidu’s home page position.

said Baidu promotion business I have contacted for about two years, the beginning is engaged in the sales promotion of Baidu in Beijing, and later bought a house in Wuhan, he settled in Wuhan, picked up the old bank, into the company (Hubei Baidu agent), continue to engage in telephone sales, sales of products is still Baidu promotion.

phone sales threshold is low, the value of Baidu’s promotion of high profits, sales of natural wages are not low, here does not disclose how high wages, so there are a lot of people are engaged in the work of telemarketing. Because the threshold is low, many of the staff are the first contact with the network sales promotion work, to do the work often meet many problems cannot be solved, customer questions cannot be answered, not for Baidu account customer management.

advised me here, if you want to join the Baidu network promotion, the best choice of a suitable phone sales, because a suitable phone sales, can let you avoid detours, can let you fully enjoy the Baidu network promotion brings roi.

I do Baidu promotion sales in Beijing during that time, Baidu keyword promotion most price is quite low, probably about 0.3, now back to Wuhan, the middle interval of one year, starting with a huge promotion Keywords, but we can’t deny that our living standards have improved a lot, in addition to the salary the price is too slow, all commodity prices have improved, Baidu keyword promotion is normal.

at present, and I work a lot of customers, they always complain to me, that our company will receive phone call every day, the opening is not do promotion, make people very irritable, some do, still blindly harassed, really very distressed, I received a phone call to each customer explain here, our company’s sales lot, more than and 200 people, every day we have to do, is to find the target customers by telephone to give their own profit, if not to call, basically do not eat, every end of the month pay even the rent is not enough, so please understand our attitude, we it is very hard. Moreover, some large enterprises, such as Wuhan, many hospitals have done Baidu promotion, the effect is not bad. If you want to, you can listen to this phone sales is how to explain to you to promote Baidu, if you feel that this phone sales are more in line, you can consider cooperation. Here, I have to say a few words, another line.

has said, Baidu promotion phone sales threshold is very low, so there are a lot of people do not understand the network are also added to the team to lead the company’s external image greatly reduced, this is no way, after all.

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