nternational domain name next month the overall price increases

      news today, international domain name registration organization ICANN will improve the international domain name price in the next month, which led to global international domain name registration and renewal price hikes.

      it is reported that the price of the international domain names include English.Com / net/ biz, Chinese COM / net/ biz, etc..

      the reporter contacted the Internet era confirmed that the international domain name next month will indeed be full price, but the increase has not received notice, but the increase of domestic and international is not necessarily consistent, and each service provider will be adjusted according to their own situation. Remind the majority of customers, the best years of registration or renewal in price before the international domain name.

      but according to the relevant media reports, the U.S. MarketWatch website has reported that from the beginning of October 15th this year, the.Com domain name of the wholesale price will increase from $6 to $6.42,.Net will increase from $3.50 to $3.85. Two domain price gains were 7% and 10%.

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