Red child founder Xu Peixin lack of domestic electricity supplier hematopoietic function

Suning to $66 million acquisition of the red child finally settled the dust. Earlier this year, rumors about this thing it can be heard without end. As a party, red child founder Xu Peixin (micro-blog) was once said, too many domestic electricity supplier over reliance on capital and VC, lack of hematopoietic function, when the capital problem occurs when the cold winter came, the electricity supplier.

Xu Peixin said the so-called electricity supplier in winter, is a normal fluctuation of any industry, which is normal. From scratch, from quantitative to qualitative change, some of this process, large, small, or large to strong.

reasons for the electricity supplier in winter, Xu Peixin believes that too many domestic electricity supplier over reliance on capital and VC, lack of hematopoietic function. When there is a problem in the capital, the electricity supplier winter came. From the beginning of 2003, the electricity supplier gradually increased, in 2008 began a particularly fiery. Capital on the one hand to promote the development of the electricity supplier, but on the other hand is not conducive to competition. So it’s normal to be in this situation today.

Xu Peixin believes that the Internet is a long tail theory is deceptive, not only in the electricity supplier does not set up, no matter what the block is idealism. The world is dynamic, the customer is mobile. As large enough, the customer is also classified, people’s personality is not the same, the demand is certainly not the same. Most of the demand can be divided into some categories, it will appear corresponding niche market and multi class market. Once there is a multi category market, there will be better, more specialized suppliers for this market demand.

The child is to set up a separate

red bean and cosmetics, rather than put it in the original red child website, because maternal customers only three years of purchase period, to fourth years do not buy the maternal and infant products. Just like marriage website, find the other half is no longer on the dating site, but their users use a shorter cycle, six months or even two months after the last.

Xu Peixin said that China’s development is too fast, many entrepreneurs do not have experience in the industry, or entrepreneurs who are not particularly experienced in the industry. But now many young people have experienced the baptism of any company, nor a process hit a company from, is streaking on the road.

Xu Peixin believes that there are a number of future electricity supplier to VC, have a clear trend, go to the big hit chance of very little, especially the top of the two VC down, impact on the electricity supplier industry is still relatively large. Both the VC and the entrepreneur, the trend is known to all, everyone tends to be rational, return to nature. Believe that hematopoietic capacity and profitability is the essence of the enterprise. The market is more rational and standardized. The big and the small or the shuffle, anything is possible.

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