Subversion and Reconstruction the pain of the transformation of traditional business electricity s

day before, by Dali Town People’s Government hosted, wide Fozhi city organized the subversion of · reconstruction of traditional corporate restructuring electricity supplier pain 2014 Southern China electricity supplier salon held at wide Fozhi city hall. Around the conference to subvert the · reconstruction – the transformation of traditional business electricity supplier pain as the theme for discussion.


(pictured: conference site)

of the Southern China electricity supplier salon speakers include business consulting institutions such as leading authority in the field of iResearch Consulting Group, clothing business operations research international, international leader also has American, have rich actual combat experience of the business enterprise, dream bazaar, 100 bay house, where mother, princess, golden cat copper road net, Some-E. The scene of the electricity supplier experts through speeches, quiz face-to-face communication, to come to participate in the enterprise one doubts. So that the traditional business owners to find out what is slowing down the pace of traditional enterprises turn? In the realization of the electricity supplier on the path of the traditional business is the lack of what?


(pictured: enterprise experience sharing O2O apparel retail inevitable model)


(pictured: enterprise sharing O2O visualization business model innovation)

in recent years in Foshan City, Dali Town, Nanhai District government is very concerned about the situation and pay attention to the development of the enterprises in the area of electronic commerce. During the general assembly, by the certificate issued by the government to support the town of Dali, the atmosphere of the meeting to a climax. For the support of the electricity supplier certificate business, in the future how to make the transformation of traditional enterprises to the electricity supplier of the road has become the focus of attention of many enterprises.


(pictured: Dali town to promote ways to support the presentation ceremony)

Some-E international underwear shopping platform (Foshan City, the Agel Ecommerce Ltd) as one of the conference "share" a case of business enterprise, the traditional enterprise to share their experience and the establishment of the rapid development of the electricity supplier transformation way. Some-E electricity supplier operating director of Mr. Huang on the electricity supplier companies face freight costs, user experience and other aspects of the discussion.


(Some-E operations director Mr. Huang shared underwear vertical electricity supplier services and operating business experience)

"I believe many doing business electricity supplier, will be aware of the freight cost, how to control the cost of the freight? Some-E cooperation with the well-known British trading company, has its own logistics warehouse in the UK, with the nearest delivery advantage to overseas customers, for the freight to the lowest point."

"at the same time, Some-E is the only company in Guangdong province to cooperate with customs."

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