The sale of fake jumei com users 25% off the following are all fake luxury goods business

original title: Chen Europe endorsement for fake friends: electricity supplier 25% off of the following luxury goods are fake

today, an electricity supplier depth survey report, and its founder Chen Ou pushed the public opinion in the media "in the teeth of the storm, the unannounced electricity supplier fake chain: the United States and other knowledge related and selling fake" roll call reports, "knowing and selling fake" point to, while in an urgent statement this afternoon said, has closed related shops, but the fake door relates to goodwill, as a listed company, its shares may impact how Chen ou and the team to eliminate the "legacy fake door, users and investors confidence as soon as possible, remains to be seen.

familiar with the domestic electricity supplier industry people should remember, from the domestic business platform was born to now, fake shadows linger, especially in the field of fake cosmetics and luxury goods, especially rampant in the major electricity supplier platform, high imitation fake and smuggled smuggled goods, return the goods and other goods of single ordinary consumers can not only dragons and fishes jumbled together. Resolution, electronic business platform can not be clearly afraid. Business platform for operators, due to their own interests, but also mostly make eyes closed eyes. For, the past two years the main cosmetics, then extended to the field of luxury goods, the gun will be not at all surprising.


of the exposure of the lucky sunny although not a big company, but basically he in the market all respected platform has sales channels, in addition to the above mentioned, including Amazon, Gome online, shop No. 1, serves network, handle, and the U.S. have worked a lot this small trading company like Yu Xiangpeng Hengye names exist in all major electricity supplier platform.

A staff

lucky sunny said, in fact, this situation exists in a variety of platforms to supply electricity supplier companies, but business platform not know, because of the relatively cheap price of the goods, can bring a lot to the popularity of electronic business platform, and electronic business platform because it is not their own business, even if the relationship is found to also be put aside to take advantage of each other. Some of the electricity supplier platform due to its third party sales situation is not clearly marked, so many customers believe that the goods are sold in the platform, so dare to order.

netizens said, "this is a fake shop filled with an open secret in the industry, no matter what the catwalk, temple library, LuxeHome, on the supply of the control is open eyes closed eyes. Congratulations to you if you buy on the net below 25% off LV, Hermes, Chanel, Prada, and you have 98% fakes. These products, the purchase price is more than 25% off. Burberry, Zegna, Gucci, the purchase price of basic 6-6.2%. What 80 percent off of the 70 percent off, with the brain to think about. But it is not fake is not important, important is B with psychological customers, spend a little money to buy this stuff in a recognized website, can make full face and confidence." success >

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