Shocking 10000 founder said ASM do with B end of the martial arts champion

there are places where rivers and lakes, and rivers and lakes where there will be disputes.

20 years ago, Ma said: let the world is not difficult to do business, but now it seems that such a good dream seems to be an ideal utopia. Whether in the commercial revolution, which has contributed to loss of networking mode entity enterprise development? Walking routine, or by their? 10000 founder of what dare to challenge? Let’s explore the function of ASM in the end where cattle.

is the face of the Internet, as spectators, or participants? This is a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises have been thinking and lingering problems. How small and medium enterprises to choose their own development of the Internet model


10000 founder pointed out that firstly understand the actual needs of small and medium enterprises. Many B platform founder, in fact, did not really understand and understand the actual needs of business entities, always wishful thinking as a simple buyer seller relationship, the key to eliminate the middle into, and the fact that business users and individual users are very different. Then we will do a brief analysis of the C end consumer and B end consumption, to see what their needs are different.

C end users of the general consumer power, derived from the actual needs and price considerations. Quality factors can only be ranked in the third place, more consideration is a single consumption, followed by emotional consumption, the general performance of the trend, festivals and people around the impact. While the B end users and end users on the C to form a strong contrast, purchasing more often consider the quality, supply stability, supply ability, supplier enterprise scale, commodity price advantage, and after technical guidance and service ability etc.. So through the analysis, the clouds will be able to understand what kind of mode, what kind of platform, with what kind of people use.

secondly, the mature mode of operation of modern enterprises is a good medicine. The enterprise will remove the root cause of health, to the sustainable development of enterprises, we must adopt advanced management methods and effective tools to achieve maximum benefit. The small and medium-sized enterprises around the Chinese, generally attached to relatives, friends, management confusion, four air leakage, seriously restricts the healthy development of enterprises. The 10000 by survey of more than 30 thousand business entities, find that there are the following problems: one is the product sales difficult; two is the product sales payment difficult; three is the enterprise innovation is weak, professional technical services, the cost is high; the four is the multilateral dead enterprise management, cost control mining (grey matter). Hard; five is the enterprise short-term financing. The reason is nothing more than selling and buying problem for these enterprises in the condition, the 10000 repeated visits and investigation, eventually developed a recipe, so many companies like.


10000 is how to break the barriers, reconstruction of enterprise sales model


example, in accordance with the travel distance radius of 300 km, a business sales staff per capita cost per day is as follows: in accordance with the sales staff monthly salary of 3>

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