Tmall update settled rules No 1 million do not want to come

Tmall update settled rules: No 1 million do not want to

yesterday, Tmall announced the adjustment of investment standards announcement, since 0 March 9, 2015 onwards, when the application of the new business operators to enter the audit rules change.

according to the announcement, Tmall merchant stores have flagship stores, specialty stores, specialty stores three types, temporarily not accepted in the China Trademark Office registered trademark of the brand settled.

from the new audit rule, clothing, household appliances, medicine, maternal and child health care products, auto parts etc. categories to the registered capital of more than RMB 1 million, the company was founded more than 2 years; for other categories, such as travel, photography, movie tickets are not less than 300 thousand yuan and other restrictions.

for mobile, China Unicom, telecom recharge center, the provincial and above operators to open flagship store can be directly settled, the operators do not want to enter the provincial level.

detailed rules: "Tmall 2015 annual investment qualification rules" (effective March 9th)


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