Lively black five shopping festival and can not change the fate of cross border electricity supplie

text Tencent technology Sun Hongchao

2016 is perhaps once the capital market darling "cross-border" are the worst year, but does not seem to be better.

even in the famous overseas shopping Carnival black five, the NetEase, ocean terminal, China koala Amazon as the representative of a number of cross-border electricity supplier to produce good results; even if the relevant functional departments through cross-border retail electricity supplier supervision of imported cosmetics and extend the transition period, the new tax policy promulgated by the release of the goodwill signals; even people to go to overseas to buy less explosive news, but the data shows that big business platform cross-border commodity proportion is still too low and the explosion products, and those medium-sized business platform began quietly to cross-border; more importantly, the concept of cross-border capital is still a face of indifference.

capital will not go with the cross-border electricity supplier, the field of entrepreneurship has been basically completed, leaving some of the strength of the big players." This situation makes cross-border electricity supplier to blue ocean pier CEO once said to the Tencent, and once the main cross-border electricity supplier maternal honey bud CEO Liu Nan also said: "the capital will not be the cross-border electricity supplier as a target, the cross-border electricity supplier is not an independent proposition, can help enterprises optimize."

lively black five

in the "double 11" shopping Carnival festival days, several well-known Tencent on cross-border electricity supplier (WeChat technology public number: qqtech) said that although not double eleven, but more important effort will be placed in the black five, few would not in the double eleven and Ali directly against cross-border electricity supplier platform is all the energy on the "black five".

"black five" first originated in the United States, it refers to the first day after Thanksgiving every year, that is, the fourth Friday of November. On this day, major shopping malls in the United States will launch a large number of discount promotions. Compared with the double eleven, the United States, black Friday lasted longer, with Amazon China, for example, last year’s black Friday, the time span from November 18th to December 5th.

this year on the eve of the five black Amazon, Amazon UK and overseas purchase docking, added millions from Amazon UK products, and the newly opened Amazon Prime membership services also support the new on-line Yingya selection. Amazon data show that Prime member service released the same day, the first batch of registered members on the 31 provinces and autonomous regions covering the city’s more than and 270 cities, covering almost all over the country.

These data allow

on the Amazon China black five full of confidence, and early start promotion ocean terminal also give a good answer. Blue ocean pier CEO once the Tencent said, now the data from the black five more than expected.

had also worried that the double 11 will not excessive overdraft consumers buy buy buy interest, but now the ocean terminal sales of nearly six times last year, but the user access time and access to the quantity of goods than last year have greatly increased.

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