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news October 10th, before the TUV NORD NTA vehicle testing center as the only inspection partners and Alibaba second-hand car reached a strategic cooperation. At the same time, TUV NORD NTA has opened a Taobao store in Taobao.


TUV NTA Taobao store


billion state power network by observing TUV NTA Taobao NORD shop, the shop for businesses, because the new shop has not received any transaction evaluation. Taobao TUV NORD NTA vehicle detection price from 398 yuan to 798 yuan, part of the test support on-site service.

According to the

TUV NORD NTA TUV NORD NTA official, and the Alibaba’s cooperation is mainly reflected in the day before the idle fish used car business platform just on the line.

TUV NORD NTA according to the introduction, in addition to the brand promotion will be exposed and in idle fish second-hand car platform, will be in the dealer institutions, idle fish used car business platform and the cooperation of second-hand car stores and terminal consumer assessment and certification services, to provide vehicle detection, detection and provide suitable solutions. At the same time, TUV NORD NTA after obtaining the consent of the owner of the vehicle or its authorized agent, the vehicle test report will be uploaded directly to the idle fish used car business platform.


idle fish used car platform

billion state power network to understand, idle fish second-hand car is a new second-hand car trading platform owned by Alibaba. Idle fish used car mainly to provide vehicles and consignment auction service. The free fish on the second-hand car brand car dealers including AKD, Eslite excellent car, a good car, the original car power Murray;,, the car is easy to shoot, the first car network, large search vehicles the number of start-up companies used car electricity supplier. Previously, SAIC Volkswagen as the first settled in the factory also announced that settled "second-hand car idle fish".

is reported that TUV NORD NTA is a joint venture between TUV NORD Mobility and NTA, in china. TUV NORD Mobility is part of the world’s leading testing and certification bodies TUV NORD group, the German government authorized statutory vehicle testing and driver’s license authority. TUV NORD has service units in more than and 70 countries in Europe, Asia, the United States and africa.

and TUV NORD was founded in May 2015, headquartered in Shanghai, NTA. In February 2016 has been the morning of the venture capital A round of investment, the vehicle inspection station has begun construction and operation in the country, the company plans to set up 400 stations nationwide in 2020.

in addition, TUV NORD NTA will also be for car manufacturers, >

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