t’s going to rain companies want to get married do comment of U S employees

merger is a revolution, is a push back, is a redistribution of interests



day, baby face.

Internet Co with horizontal is almost like this.

The day before the

market and 58 with the night, one of my friends in the market to work overtime to 12 points, in a closed door meeting, the theme is how to get rid of the 58 city. With the internal receive a confirmation letter, his heart burst, a foul language. Shortly thereafter, with the change of the position of his boss, he and his colleagues left.

It is not surprising that the

scene can occur in any merger. The personal experience of the achievements of perpendicular and horizontal contrast, a lot of jokes. For example, some people jump from the United States to the micro life, and then to the comments, and now a circle back together.

is in a company with leading angrily Paizhuo, went straight to the friends of the company, and then found a former colleague and a colleague now.

in the management of pressure, in front of the company, personal grudges and don’t need to say too much, too much can not say. Punish heart words have been said of ancient times, "heartless world, everything is in heaven; sage heartless to the people as straw dogs".

capital since the drive to cooperate, the company’s two executives quickly finalized cooperation, there must be enough interest in the drive, we have reached a consensus on the bright enough prospects. For example, a large enough O2O company, with more financing a firm with extreme ease, segments and continue to extend. All the beautiful picture. Anyway, the eldest combined thing is not fresh, far potatoes Youku, nearly a bit faster, 58 fair.

merger, such as a big wedding, relatives and friends gathered in a variety of blessings to look forward to the future of a better life. But in the process of integration is unavoidable when the general or general turmoil especially, bits and pieces, such a lot behind the interests of disputes, with a lot of frustration and compromise of the marriage.

so, the future of the United States and the United States and the United States, how much better, and now the problem is how much. The group was founded in 5 years, the establishment of public comment for 10 years, the integration of the two companies than the difficulty of the geometric index drops quickly doubled, with 58 city and go to the market like.

The integration of

drops fast for several months after the valuation is doubled, and 58 months after the integration of the market and the market value of 58, the first double, and gradually fall back to the original level. Integration effect is not prominent, and then only use time or the next sexy business to prove.

new estimates from the scale effect, ecological construction, business development and thus bring up more space, drops fast do very well, the 58 city and go to the market in the new business development, but not in speed compared with drops quickly, also a direct reaction to the valuation. There are two reasons for the slow history and the status quo, and these unfavorable factors in the United States and more than a lot of comments.


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