AdSense account email notification change

dear publisher, Hello!

we send this email to tell you that we have changed the type of AdSense e-mail you can choose. In addition to the regular newsletter (briefing) and irregular Survey (Google Research), we added three new categories, hope that they can help you to more effectively use their AdSense account.

if you choose to subscribe to all five categories of content, you can be obtained by the AdSense expert help information for you specially formulated, as well as from the AdSense and other Google products, gifts and opportunities are invited to test. These five categories include:

* suggested according to your account information and help effect: receiving AdSense team members according to the concrete problems in your account to provide advice, understanding and get more income for your website and how to improve the advertising effect.

* briefing: receive a summary of the information contained in the optimization proposal, best case sharing and other information that will help you gain maximum benefit through the Google AdSense account.

* Google Market Research: an invitation to test new features, a questionnaire about Google AdSense, and a notification of the use of feedback.

* special offers: receive information about AdSense promotions, events and giveaways.

The relevant information of

* you may be interested in other Google products and services: receiving other Google product information and special offers (such as Google, AdWords coupons) and we think you for other concessions.

if you have the option to subscribe to regular newsletter and irregular survey, we will automatically update your email notification settings in which to display the new presentation and Google market research.

choose to subscribe to the new email category or unsubscribe from the selected category, you only need to login to your AdSense account. You will see the appropriate instructions to guide you on how to use this new content.


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we send you this email notification service that you must read in order to give you an insight into the significant changes in your AdSense account settings.

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