EBay acquisition of Magento to enhance e commerce development tools

related introduction: Magento is a professional open source PHP e-commerce system. Magento is designed to be very flexible, with a modular architecture and rich functionality. Easy integration with third party application systems. Advantages: advanced architecture, rich features, a lot of plug-in support, the community is very active. Disadvantages: too expensive, a lot of easy to use plug-ins are charges. It is used by 30 thousand businesses, is the world’s fastest growing e-commerce platform. Enterprise Edition needs to pay, contains a lot of very useful features, but the community version, the developer customized version can be downloaded for free.


NetEase technology news June 7th, according to foreign media reports, eBay has been the acquisition of open source e-commerce platform manufacturers Magento, in order to provide better development tools for online store developers.

Magento is headquartered in Losangeles, with approximately 290 employees and tens of thousands of business customers.

the acquisition is expected to be completed in the third quarter of this year. According to Magento released on its website information, according to the plan, Magento will be stationed in Losangeles, to continue to provide support for its partners and customers, continuously according to the product roadmap for product development; at the same time, it will also use eBay resources to help eBay development platform X.Commerce.

Magento platform


Magento platform is designed to be modular and flexible, making it easier for e-commerce developers to create online stores when it comes to using software that does not modify the source code.

"we got feedback clearly from outside developers, they not only want to pay and business sites, they want to get a set of e-commerce functions, that businesses to provide comprehensive shopping experience," eBay CEO said in a statement Monday.

According to eBay

, in addition to the online store design, content and function of the tool to create other Magento software also has support for marketing, promotional merchandise and content management function management console.

X.Commerce platform

Magento will become part of the eBay X.Commerce department, the X.Commerce department’s task is to focus on what eBay said, open e-commerce platform to create a vibrant developer ecosystem.

eBay is becoming a strategic partner of e-commerce, it focuses on providing a new way for large and small enterprises to promote innovation. As the core of this strategy, they will create a global open e-commerce platform to take full advantage of the developer community around the world. Magento will be the new open electronics named X.Commerce

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