Virtual commodity market faces three major problems

review: "New York Times" yesterday published an article pointed out that the virtual goods market is growing rapidly, the market may bring a lot of revenue, but because there is no tangible value in the real world, there are also some problems in virtual goods market.

below is an overview of the article:

no business is the best business model, and now some Internet companies have found no way to run a legitimate business. Selling virtual gifts, services and other goods on the Internet is becoming a big business, which could bring billions of dollars in revenue, but the virtual goods industry is also facing some practical barriers.

virtual commodity market grew rapidly

"virtual goods" refers to the value of products or services to network users, but there is no tangible value in the real world. Virtual goods can be a kind of virtual flowers on the Facebook friends page, you can also be painted on the user’s head of virtual lipstick. In online games, virtual goods can also be with a flame sword.

although the proportion of virtual goods business network business is still very small, but the growth rate is very fast. For example, China’s social networking site Tencent, the first quarter revenue grew 75% to $366 million, almost all of which are derived from the sale of virtual goods to the network and mobile phone users. Not surprisingly, Tencent’s first quarter operating margin was 70%.

analyst said, Facebook virtual gift revenue of about $40 million last year. Currently, Facebook is developing a payment system for developers of virtual goods, and then Facebook will share part of the revenue with the developer. Virtual currency company Super Rewards executives believe that Facebook this year, the total revenue from the virtual goods market will reach $500 million.

virtual commodity market is also a problem

Although the

virtual goods industry is promising, but there are still some problems. First of all, there is no legal precedent for users to actually own their virtual goods. Therefore, piracy will weaken the virtual goods business. In addition, virtual goods may also have excessive production problems. How long have a value in the real world are useful time? When mass production, virtual commodity prices decline rate will be how fast? Just to maintain the user’s interest, a virtual goods company requires a large number of different production and commodity co..

At the end of the day, users may realize that they spend their money and buy nothing, and then turn to

. At that time, the Internet companies must develop the ultimate business model.

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