Zhang Jianfei you don’t know several B2B models

B2B rapid development, is gradually into the public view, Alibaba believe that we are not unfamiliar, Alibaba group CEO Ma is the leader in the e-commerce industry.

although we all know B2B, but I believe that we understand the B2B mode is a platform between the enterprise and enterprise marketing mode, it is not wrong, but the B2B model name is too general, too wide. Just like people, "I am a man," this sentence is no problem, but the following are not men and women. Similarly, the B2B model is just a general name, there will be a lot of the following classification, the following I would like to share with you a few basic patterns I know.

1, vertical B2B mode

have heard the vertical search word, vertical B2B mode and vertical search is a truth, is the market segments. For example: computer assembly industry, can be divided into: chip B2B platform, motherboard B2B platform, CPUB2B platform, memory B2B platform and hard disk B2B platform.

2, integrated B2B mode

Alibaba, are not unfamiliar, it is a typical integrated B2B platform. To provide a platform for supply and procurement for the companies in various industries. Its characteristic is: any industry can be built on the platform of their own, similar to the shop platform, the purchaser only need to search on the platform, and then to negotiate cooperation, and can effectively use vendors and suppliers together.

3, self built B2B mode

when it comes to self B2B model, the brain may expect the reaction conditions, is a platform of its own enterprise products together, in fact, the model is actually to own product supply chain e-commerce platform for the basis, so as to form the industry chain.

4, related industries B2B mode

the model is a combination of vertical mode and integrated mode. Its features are: narrow range (market segments) and more professional and more precise.

above is the basic mode of B2B. Although the development of B2B model is good, but there are many drawbacks, but also need to continue to improve its platform services. For example: rights, purchaser and supplier, if it is found that due to disputes, through the third party trading platform, and the third party platform does not establish a rights channel or credit mechanism (Enterprise Certificate alone is not enough, so when there is a dispute rights) is a big problem. Therefore, the B2B platform to have a healthy development, we must continue to improve. This article by Zhang Jianfei original (www.semanswer.net), reproduced please indicate, respect for the original!!!

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