Simple analysis on the April 18th Shanghai love big update

: if the site does not exceed a certain period of time on the line, there is a certain number of inbound links, is likely to be included in the "love Shanghai sandbox mode". Even right down.

5, hang black chain site almost invisible ranking.

2 of the website, one-way import links may relative to the love of Shanghai, there is a period of trust.


1, domain name age advantage.

a, this does not exist in the title.

roughly summed up the 5 points, but overall, Shanghai love this update, there seems to be some confusion about us. For example:

The love of Shanghai

industry site, many are ranked by the site before the love of Shanghai trans, trans B2B platform high percentage.

From the original: 贵族宝贝shuyeye贵族宝贝

update, do not know whether the aunt came, some industry website ranking been super big reshuffle. Some of the website of Xiamen Shanghai dragon also ranked diaoguang. Then, some simple analysis:

3, according to article second: when the link exceeds a certain number, second points in mind may skip. (one-way links derived the power station group once again highlighted)

A class of Highlight

A5 registration discount: 2013 GOMX global network marketing conference

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4, B2B platform love Shanghai seems to enhance anti chain effect.

in the observation of some industries website, domain name age more than half a year (precisely, should be the site on-line time), scanty one-way import links, Shanghai love chain is not much, love Shanghai home and ranked the top three websites meet the eye everywhere.

B, the incoming links is almost 0, Shanghai love chain is also very small, the user experience of the website is very bad, but the number to first.

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