Summary of the five aspects of data analysis of the owners need to use Excel form

the keywords into a few classes of


in the optimization must have a detailed plan about the keyword table, for example to do core keywords, do the above statistics, judge the keywords competition dynamics, optimization of the keyword rankings for ease, then according to the configuration of their team resources, slightly estimates each row to the first page keywords need time. Finally, in accordance with the present situation of the keyword optimization efforts to make the corresponding adjustment.

two, analysis of the competitors in the same industry

Keywords: a

competition in the process of optimization is necessary, how to make yourself with counterparts in the competition to get the big profits, you need to make an analysis of competitors.

, can know the existence of gap between themselves and the opponent site clear, need more time to catch up, of course, analysis of our competitors are not just above, including the main structure and layout of the site, reasonable degree of optimization analysis and so on.

as a professional ER in the early stage of Shanghai Longfeng do optimization, will do a careful analysis of data report, the current situation analysis and the analysis of the competitors in the same industry, if you can not do the data analysis, it is let your optimization into a "blind man touched the road across the river." the dilemma. So we need to start from what aspects of the data? I will in the following make use of Excel form five point summary. Do the five aspects of the data analysis will be your optimization is no longer a blind man across the river.

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, we can find out the main development direction of the site optimization, and the rationality of the layout of the site keywords,

if our competitor’s site layout is not reasonable, the site optimization is very poor, age is not long, so we can not hesitate in the shortest time to catch more than him, but the opponent optimization can be good, and have a certain age, enjoy a good brand reputation in the industry, if you he wanted more than in a short period of time is a very difficult thing, so we need to use other strategies, such as avoiding the main keywords we have no advantage, do the optimization of the long tail keywords, to find their optimal blank area, occupy a space for one person.


, the three key wordsAnalysis of the keywords

Analysis of competitor > Analysis of

analysis of the intensity of competition

we give an example: 1 keywords flow but fierce competition degrees, although the 2 key words flow point, but the intensity of competition, we according to their own situation, if you want to get some traffic in the shortest possible time, you can do first 2 words, if the company can do PPC, PPC. Combination and optimization.

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