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site early data volume is not great, so do not see the outcome, when the site continues to expand the scale, even when the portal level, the program data carrying capacity is a great test. So the carrying capacity is also appropriate to consider. In addition to the expansion of the proper consideration under the program function, the website construction in the early, don’t think too much, with the development of the website, the functional requirements may also be more and more, so a powerful expansion program, can still awesome again.

program template

website program is everyone webmaster to consider in the site before the problem. The old webmaster for website program already know, have their own ideas and opinions on the website program; however, as a new station in the station is on how to choose a suitable site will be confused, I do not know how to choose. Today busy 365 network for all the webmaster about how to choose a suitable site.

website source code download, will provide the system function is not complete. So this time we need to replace the search through other website source code or similar source.

consider the difficulty of making

is the most basic function of the program for the website, website to choose what kind of program should be based on what kind of website to see what type of website. If the website with information, articles, pictures, so the choice of CMS is the best when the CMS program, namely article management system, has a good command of the article. The main function of CMS system is very powerful, not only is the management strengths, picture display, download and so on are equal to anything, also CMS systems often have a lot of extensions or plugins, to meet the basic functions of the management, can have a lot of extended function,. Function is very powerful. If the site is the interactive forum member as the theme, or SNS Web2.0 characteristics of the site, so the non DZ and PW go. In addition CMS and forum program is not contradictory, both can be integrated with the director.

First, from the function of


on this point, you can go to the major program of the official forum to see, "template style" is often one of the most active area, thus the webmaster is what template. Even sometimes at high prices to buy a favorite template. On the site to download the template, the one hundred percent is generally not suitable for us, most need to make some changes in the details, the modification process, I think the main still have to complete on their own. For the novice webmaster, experience and skills are not very rich, choose a template to create a simple program, we will save a lot of heart. Furthermore, we select the program to be able to adapt to the development of

download website source code is a complete version of

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is the most important program data carrying capacity of

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