Love Shanghai search Spider3 0 upgrade what is the benefit of the site

link discovery: now magnitude, new links every day sipder found in about 50 billion of that? Your site content more easily found by Spider and capture, and in love Shanghai Webmaster Platform submit links is the most efficient, but love engineers in Shanghai station, don’t submit links, especially low link quality, so as to achieve better and more timely collection.


‘timeliness more content – content site more opportunities "

link grab and database, developed a more powerful machine learning model to link quality prediction, the global ranking of all links in the library, and the value link to improve the recall rate index show 95%! Improve the timeliness, the original is about 10 days, now we all know that ascension ranging from 40%~80%! From the search engine, users to search the final search results show the following steps: capture, database, sort, display, capture and construction speed boost means that the content of the site can be faster than the original show to the end user search.

recently love Shanghai’s biggest action is love should search Shanghai Spider3.0 upgrade, simple summary of the upgrade is more real-time capture, collection efficiency of the original high quality content faster, more favored.

, Spider3.0 enabled the death of new identification model can identify the protocol, chain, and most of the content, such as low quality chain chain jump ", the simple point that is in the previous version, Webmaster Platform submitted site through the chain, processing speed can be very slow, even a snapshot in a period of time still exists however, Spider3.0 is updated, about a few days it will be disposed of. Of course, if you want to pursue the best treatment effect, the agreement is the best choice of death.

‘capture, building faster – submitted content more easily grab "

"chain processing more timely by low quality page full screen black


based system currently offline, full volume, transformed into real-time, incremental computation of all real-time scheduling systems, trillions of real-time data can be read and write, contains 90% pages, 80% faster

The upgrade is the

included in the timeliness of the page, 2 times before the search, many small owners to write high quality articles, once high weight site reproduced, so almost their own original articles rather than later reprinted in large volume, while in the 3 era, this situation will be greatly improved, with the use of love Shanghai initiative to submit links submitted, after the release of the article first time submitted to love Shanghai, once was collected, even if the other station reprint your article, your article is still ranked in the search results. In this way, high quality display more content to search users, is a >

In the aspect of dealing with the death of

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